Exporting to Cyprus from the UK

Exporting to Cyprus can prove to be more challenging than to other EU countries because of the island partition in place since the Turkish occupation of 1974. The Republic of Cyprus is in the south, while the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or TRNC is recognised by Turkey alone with a UN Buffer Zone between the two. This political situation has consequences for freight forwarding, making it more complex as Northern Cyprus can only be sent via mainland Turkey and cannot travel through or back from the Republic.

Consignments to the Republic of Cyprus constitute most of our Cypriot consignments however Barrington can forward freight to both sides of the island. By working with knowledgeable local partners, we access on the ground professionals to import successfully. 

Customs to Cyprus 

The Republic of Cyprus entered the Eurozone in 2008, which means they import and export by EU regulations. The UK is now treated as any other foreign country when it comes to importing paperwork and obligations even though Post-Brexit, the UK/ Cypriot relationship remains solid. These added requirements include both a UK and EU EORI – see our blog, What is an EORI Number for more information. Be sure you know the requirements for your exact goods before you ship. 

Rules for Northern Cyprus align with importation regulations into Turkey with their own rules and regulations as they are not in the EU trading bloc. It’s important to know what these are before you ship your goods, so do your research and speak to your freight forwarder and customs agent for advice. 

Duties and VAT

Duties and taxes are payable when importing goods into Cyprus from outside the EU and are calculated on the goods value plus shipping and insurance. Rates range from 0% to 18% however certain goods incur extra duties depending on the manufacturing country, and the rate can be up to 48.5%. After Brexit, all goods from the UK are treated as imports to the Republic of Cyprus. The one possible way to reduce duties is the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which allows tariff-free trade if the goods were made in the UK and the exporter makes an official declaration. 

Importing to Northern Cyprus also incurs tariffs. Due to the pandemic, the Turkish Government increased tariffs to 50% on 4,000 products, with many yet to be reduced again. On average, duties and VAT are payable on most goods and range from 1% to 18% for some processed products. 

For more guidance on these rates, no matter which side of the island you are importing into, speak to your customs agent or freight forwarder for the best and most up to date advice on freight to Cyprus

Transit Times

Cyprus transit is subject to change due to location, environmental, and customs factors. We work hard to consistently provide delivery times of 22-24 days for groupage. Speak to our team if you need faster delivery.   

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