If you’re looking for a cost effective pallet delivery service to Croatia, make sure the process runs smoothly with Barrington Freight.

Croatia has the world’s longest preserved fortification system after the Great Wall of China and is otherwise steeped in history; having been settled since prehistory, Croatia was part of the Roman Empire under Diocletian and has undergone a number of changes since, making this sun soaked, multicultural country a hub in the Mediterranean.

As it is a high-income economy with over €23bn in imports, many UK businesses send pallets to Croatia. We are a leading UK freight forwarder, offering freight delivery to Croatia as well as worldwide while never compromising on quality, efficiency, and cargo security.

Pallet shipping to Croatia from the UK with Barrington Freight

Our dedicated team ensures an efficient, seamless service for every shipment – whether you’re sending a pallet to Croatia or forwarding freight. Our unmatched attention to detail and painstaking route planning means a journey as long as the UK to Croatia happens with as few hitches as possible – thus saving on costly delays. Through our modern fleet, we are also able to cater to any size of deliveries.

What’s more is that we don’t just send pallets to Croatia, we work tirelessly across the globe to maintain connections for UK businesses and ensure they continue to work with partners everywhere.

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As a leading UK freight forwarder, our established industry expertise lets us ship cargo worldwide using the optimum routes at affordable rates. If you have important cargo to send to Croatia, let us handle the headaches.

Where is Croatia Located?

Croatia is in South Eastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Slovenia. It borders Hungary and Serbia.