Exporting to Netherlands from the UK

Freight to the Netherlands from the UK is so uncomplicated and stress-free when you work with Barrington Freight. With many years of know-how transporting freight from the UK to Holland, we will get your cargo to its destination on time, whether it’s a whole load, partial, groupage palette or our timed and dual-driver express service. 

Perhaps the image in your mind of the Netherlands is all tulips, windmills and wooden clogs – but Holland also has a strong import and export sector that requires foreign trade. Holland is a small Western European country with deep culture and traditions and a population of open-minded and interesting people. The Netherlands location makes it easy to explore and trade with Europe, particularly with neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium being so close and an easy journey with the great road links. It has excellent connections to all the major European capitals via car, bus or train to destinations like Paris, London and Copenhagen. Dutch people and the collective society is also very international and the major cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen, are international trading hubs. Goods from the UK can easily be sent to any of these destinations quickly and easily via road or air, or even via ferry depending on your requirements. 

So even after the split from the European Union, Holland is still a strong trading partner with the UK. Post-Brexit – since 1 January 2021 – all products imported and exported between the Netherlands and the UK need further declaration requirements and border obligations. Before Brexit, there were no such requirements. Now companies trading between countries have different customs conventions- the same as another foreign “third country”, which has caused forwarding freight to have more complications. But it’s not too tricky with an experienced freight forwarder like Barrington Freight. Our organisation includes customs specialists who make sure your consignment fulfils its obligations before sending so there are no avoidable delays.

Road Freight to Holland 

Sending road freight to Holland from the UK is simple when you work with Barrington Freight. We strive to deliver a quick and reliable service with set transit times for all of our road freight between the Netherlands and the UK. Our on-road timings currently take 3-4 days for groupage, 1-2 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express shipping.

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Barrington Freight is the best choice for your freight forwarding business, and we have decades of happy customers to prove it. We take the stress out of exporting and importing, working to unburden the freight process, and providing a top-quality range of transportation services while doing everything we can to deliver on time and safely, including crucial and urgent fast haulage. We offer excellent commercial freight services at cheap prices, getting your cargo to its destination on time. Contact us to discover how we can help or discuss an unusual load request. Our sales team are available on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].