Export Custom Clearances at Thamesport Handled Professionally

At Barrington Freight, exporters who use Thamesport to load their cargo onto services that will cross the North Sea and the English Channel can obtain first-rate assistance for all of their customs clearance requirements. Because the port is conveniently located close to London at the mouth of the River Medway, it is easily accessed via the A2 in Kent. As such, it is a staging point for numerous road-exported goods that are making their way from the Southeast – as well as other parts of the UK – to ports like Moerdijk in the Netherlands.

However, in common with other ports in the UK, customs officials are obliged to make extensive checks on goods that are passing through the port. Part of this is to ensure that only allowed goods are being exported, of course. In addition, HMRC officials need to check that the accompanying export declarations have been made correctly. If they have not or need to be amended due to changes, consignments will be held up at the port and won’t get to their intended destination as quickly as they otherwise should. In the worst cases, customs officers can even impound goods indefinitely while problems with customs clearances are resolved. All of this costs time and money, of course. That’s why the customs clearance agents at Barrington Freight can prove to be so invaluable in handling exports via Thamesport.

Why take the risk of letting your customers down with a late delivery because of a paperwork issue that we can take care of? Please bear in mind that customs clearances are often technical administrative processes and you won’t necessarily have the required level of know-how in-house even if you have handled exports through Thamesport before. Speak to our operations team about how we can make your exportation process much more streamlined and efficient.

Obtain Custom Clearance Services at Thamesport For Exports From Barrington Freight

Whether your firm regularly exports to Europe with road and sea routes or is completely new to sending goods to foreign countries, we will provide expert guidance. Our customs clearance agency work is first-class thanks to an in-depth knowledge of Thamesport and the customs clearance system in place today. We’ll help to set you up as an exporter with an EORI registration if required and then access the system to make the digital declaration on your behalf so that this matches the information supplied on your consignment’s accompanying paperwork. We can also help exporters who would like to obtain an authorised economic operator status, something worth looking into if you plan to export via Thamesport frequently.

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Bringing Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services at Thamesport Together

Our freight forwarding services are just as professionally managed and as cost-effective as our customs clearance work. Fortunately, British exporters using Thamsport can procure both types of services from Barrington Freight directly. Our operations team will handle each process for you, if wanted, so that your goods will be exported promptly and with no delay at the border or anywhere else on their journey.