Pallets to Germany, France, Ireland, Spain and Italy form the bulk of our shipments – most usually as road freight, but also as sea freight, or even by air. Of course, we also happily arrange European pallet delivery right across Europe and indeed the world, but it is hardly surprising that our most local trading partners generate the highest demand.

Since pallets were invented in the twentieth century, they have largely replaced the wooden boxes and barrels used in previous times. Most items can be conveniently palletised for ease of movement by forklift trucks and cranes, and they are exceptionally convenient for packing into intermodal shipping containers. Did you know that half a billion pallets are made each year, and that most can carry over a ton each?

Our Pallet Delivery services to and from the UK include:

  • BUSINESS TO BUSINESS pickup and delivery as ROAD FREIGHT throughout the UK and EUROPE
  • Economical SEA FREIGHT worldwide, covering all MAJOR PORTS on every CONTINENT
  • UK PALLETS (120 cm x 100 cm) and EURO PALLETS (120 cm x 80 cm) for delivery across EUROPE
  • PLASTIC PALLETS to Germany; PRINTERS PALLETS to France; use Barrington’s PALLET DELIVERY Europe
  • WOODEN PALLETS to Ireland; NON-STD PALLETS to Spain; we TRANSPORT PALLETS everywhere

For single pallet deliveries, we recommend our groupage freight services; your pallet will be consolidated along with other pallets for similar destinations, and carefully packed in 20ft or 40ft containers for transit. Since you are sharing the cost of transport with other pallet deliveries, this can be surprisingly economical.

Our LCL (less than a container load) services are ideal if you have a number of pallets, but not enough to fill a whole container. Typically for 5 pallets or more, the international vehicle will itself usually collect and drop-off directly with an end-to-end service. FCL (full container load) shipment offers the cheapest “per item” costs, since a whole vehicle can be dedicated to your consignment. You can fill your container to the brim, and off go your palletised goods for a dedicated direct delivery! Whatever your destination, Barrington’s pallet delivery Europe (and worldwide) is the solution.

For speed &/or special levels of care, Barrington Freight offer dedicated Sprinter vans:

  • Sending a PALLET to GERMANY, perhaps carrying parts for a stranded aircraft needing urgent repair?
  • Or a PALLET for ITALY, with sensitively calibrated machinery that must be handled carefully?
  • Carrying lots of sensitive documentation on a PALLET to FRANCE, and you need to ensure anonymity?
  • PALLETS to IRELAND, which should have been there like yesterday, but your carrier let you down?

Look no further than Barrington Freight. We provide dedicated courier vans, with two drivers if needed for continuous driving, to ensure your pallet delivery to Europe gets there “fast as”. Cheaper than air freight, and usually quicker too -when you factor in customs delays and journeys to and from the airports. And our goods don’t get lost; we are in 24/7 radio contact with every van! From local depots around the UK, your palletised shipment can be on its way in hours.

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We have the Knowledge and Experience – Barrington’s Pallet Delivery Europe:

Pallets should help make delivery easy. So why do so many carriers give you a mountain to climb, when you just want someone to “deliver this damn pallet”? Barrington’s make pallet delivery simple.

  • Free online QUOTATION system for your PALLET DELIVERY anywhere in EUROPE or worldwide
  • Based on YOUR TIMESCALES and REQUIREMENTS, we quote the BEST FREIGHT SOLUTION for your shipment
  • We are always here to help with PAPERWORK, free helpful ADVICE, and a FRIENDLY UPDATE on your delivery

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