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The European continent may not be as vast as Africa or as expansive as Asia but pallet shipping in Europe still presents certain challenges unless you know what you are doing. However, sending palletised goods to Europe is something that many UK businesses are required to do to facilitate their trade. Luckily, Barrington Freight is on hand to offer tailored, efficient and effective pallet delivery to Europe solutions. We make it simpler and more cost-effective to send a pallet to Europe on time such that it will arrive in pristine condition.

As one of the best UK freight forwarders, we’re proud of our team’s extensive knowledge of Europe’s major ports and road networks. From East to West and North to South, our team has the ability to plan the most efficient routes into Europe from the UK. We secure only the very best deals so your goods can arrive at their required destination in a timely manner and in the same, perfect condition as they were when they first left your depot.

Sending Pallets to Europe With Barrington Freight

When you’re looking for a cheap pallet delivery to Europe, Barrington Freight should be your number one choice. We offer a cost-effective and convenient pallet transportation service that allows us to send pallets anywhere around the globe, including continental Europe. We can also help with palletised deliveries to European destinations that are not part of the main continental landmass, including Cyprus, the Republic of Ireland and Crete, to name but a few.

Moving goods efficiently is a breeze thanks to the expansive range of specialist trucks that we operate. These allow pallet shipping to be not only the fastest but also the most affordable way to ensure bulk items arrive at their European destination by the specified date. Almost every kind of item is able to be palletised nowadays and this allows goods to be packed in an efficient manner for simpler transportation.

Our European pallet shipping solutions are rapid, reliable and effective. You can be completely confident that your pallet to Europe is in safe hands with our high-quality services. And our goods won’t get lost, either. We are able to maintain 24/7 radio contact with every vehicle! Ready to collect from local depots around the UK, your palletised shipment to any European destination can be on its way in hours.

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Service Options for a Pallet Delivery to Europe

At Barrington Freight, we offer an extensive array of options for palletised shipments from the UK to European destinations. For example, we don’t just deliver within the European Union but can organise a pallet delivery to Europe outside of the trading bloc. We offer European pallet deliveries to Norway, Switzerland and Albania, among others. That said, pallets to Germany, France, Ireland, Spain and Italy form the bulk of our shipments – most usually as road freight, but also as sea freight, or even by air. As such, we’d be delighted to help you if you require a particular type of service when shipping goods throughout the entire continent.

  • BUSINESS TO BUSINESS pickup and delivery as ROAD FREIGHT throughout the UK and EUROPE.
  • Economical SEA FREIGHT throughout the continent, covering all MAJOR PORTS in every coastal country.
  • UK PALLETS (120 cm x 100 cm) and EURO PALLETS (120 cm x 80 cm) handled for delivery across EUROPE.
  • For PLASTIC PALLETS to Germany or PRINTER PALLETS to France, for example, you can rely on our PALLET DELIVERY services throughout Europe.
  • For WOODEN PALLETS to Ireland or NON-STD PALLETS to Spain, we TRANSPORT PALLETS everywhere.

For single pallet deliveries, we would recommend our groupage freight services. With this approach, your pallet will be consolidated along with other pallets for similar destinations and carefully packed onto a truck for onward transit. Since you are sharing the cost of transport with other pallet deliveries, this can be a surprisingly economical solution. Groupage pallet deliveries to Europe will not take that long either, especially those bound for the most popular destinations.

Our services are ideal if you have a number of pallets to ship but not enough to fill a whole truck. Typically, for five pallets or more, an end-to-end service will be offered with a direct collection and drop-off service, even if you don’t have sufficient pallets to fill the truck completely. That said, a full truck shipment will offer the cheapest “per item” cost for pallet deliveries to Europe since a whole vehicle can be dedicated to your multi-pallet consignment. You can fill your truck to the brim and off your palletised goods will go for a dedicated direct delivery! 

Whatever your destination in Europe and even further afield, Barrington’s pallet delivery service is the solution you have been looking for.

There again, you can also make use of our sprinter van service, ideal if you have a smaller load of perhaps just one pallet that you need to get to a European client fast. This service is ideal for:

  • Sending a PALLET to GERMANY, perhaps carrying parts for a stranded aircraft needing urgent repair.
  • Or a PALLET for an ITALIAN client made up of sensitively calibrated machinery that must be handled carefully.
  • Carrying lots of sensitive documentation on a PALLET to FRANCE in which you need to ensure confidentiality.
  • PALLETS to IRELAND, which should have been there already by now but your carrier let you down.

Look no further than Barrington Freight for your next pallet delivery to Europe. We can even provide dedicated courier vans with two drivers, if needed, for continuous driving to ensure your pallet delivery to Europe gets there ASAP. Cheaper than air freight and often quicker too, especially when you factor in journeys to and from the airports, our express pallet delivery service throughout Europe sets the benchmark for speed and efficiency.

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