Importing from Hungary to the UK

Freight forwarding to the UK from Hungary is very popular with companies in both countries as Hungary has a strong export sector with goods that are popular in the UK. Hungary’s primary exports popular in the UK include machinery, transport equipment, agricultural products, iron and steel, and wine. It’s also an accessible region for UK companies to do business with as English is also widely spoken as the language of trade. No doubt, with Hungary being a landlocked European country, it’s best to consider cross-European road freight so haulage between the country for your consignment is easy to get on the road and to its destination on time. Barrington Freight is an experienced freight forwarder along this route, so we can get your shipment delivered at a cheap freight price while being sure not to scrimp on service. 

There are also considerations on how to best trade in the post-Brexit economies, but it can be simple with an experienced freight forwarder on your team. Even though Britain has exited the single market and increased tariffs and customs requirements, it’s doubtful importing from Hungary will drop in popularity anytime soon but always consult with your freight forwarder and customs agent prior to scheduling your shipment regardless of if you’re sending a full-load, partial or as groupage.

Customs and Duties

The Brexit customs changes may appear overwhelming at first, so always speak to an industry expert who can guide your consignment through the new red tape. A reputable freight forwarder or customs agent will save you time and funds with their understanding of the most up to date legislation and conditions for your logistics through customs.

All loads to the UK from Europe are classified as a foreign consignment, requiring a Customs Declaration and two EORI’s – one for the UK and another for the EU. Your goods may be eligible for a “zero tariff” through the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, but customs paperwork is still needed. By working with Barrington Freight’s experienced team of freight forwarders and customs agents, we will advise on each phase of the transportation and customs processes to ensure your goods find an easy passage across the border into the UK.

Road Freight from Hungary to the UK

Additional customs duties don’t slow us down; Barrington Freight makes haulage and freight forwarding easy from Hungary to the UK. Our services currently take 5-7 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 2-3 days for express shipping. Speak to our team if you need a quicker delivery.

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Working with Barrington Freight

At Barrington Freight, we always want to create a straightforward and stress-free shipping experience for business exports to the UK from Hungary so make everything clear and concise for clients. We endeavour to ensure your cargo reaches its delivery location on time, at the best and cheapest prices. If you have questions about how we can help or want additional information on our services, or have an unusual load request, contact our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].