Exporting to Czech Republic from the UK

The Czech Republic, historically known as Bohemia, is a region of rolling mountains. The well-known capital, Prague, is set on the Vltava River and is home to bridges and spires from the unique work of generations of artists, writers and musicians intoxicated by this charming city. Nowadays, many areas are known for rolling vineyards, great food and beer, and a strong industrial and production sector. 

The Czech Republic’s central location also allows easy trading with Germany, Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe. So if you are thinking about exporting your products to the Czech Republic, the market is open for trade. As the UK’s 27th largest trading partner in 2019, and trade only slowing a little post-Brexit, and due to COVID, this area is a vital trade avenue for the UK. Popular exports to the republic include electrics, telecommunications, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, energy, and automotive parts. 

Customs Requirements

Any company exporting into the Czech Republic must provide the required forms and export declarations to have customs accept their shipment. The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade may also require an import license for selected or restricted goods. Hence, it’s essential to find out if this is a requirement for your interests – the restricted list includes oil, natural gas, pyro equipment, firearms and military equipment. All need a special licence from The TARIC (Tarif Intégré de la Communauté). As the republic is a member of the EU, but the UK is not, additional paperwork will be arranged as the UK is now a “third country”. We advise doing your research and speaking to your freight forwarder and customs agent for guidance. 

VAT and Duty Fees

The documentation required varies too and will determine duties. These are calculated on the value of goods, their destination, and if they are regulated or banned. Incomplete documents will cause delays and may accrue warehousing and other fees. Post-Brexit, there are already more duties payable; however, this is the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. This agreement allows goods produced in the UK to be imported tariff-free to the Czech Republic when the exporting business makes an official declaration to customs regarding the origin of the goods. We advise speaking to your customs agent or freight forwarder for more information on costs you may face with your cargo. 

Transit Times to Croatia 

Freight forwarding and transit times to the Czech Republic can vary but average 5-6 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express delivery; however exact times depend on customs clearance and other factors that are beyond our control. Discuss your needs with our team if you need faster delivery times or an express consignment. 

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