Importing from Romania to the UK

Barrington Freight are experts at forwarding freight from Romania into the UK. We always endeavour to ship your goods promptly, whether you’re sending your shipment via express, full or partial load, or groupage. We also ensure that your cargo glides past customs to arrive at its end delivery address, wherever that may be across the British isles. 

For goods from Romania to the UK, we have extensive experience. Being an EU country means we understand the requirements from Romania even now that the UK has exited the union and is counted the same, with the same customs considerations as any international country when it comes to shipping. There are so many benefits when sending haulage from Romania with us, including peace of mind, an expert team and an in-house customs agent helping and advising each step of the way. 

So how can we help make transportation easy? Well, first, we know the country. Romania has excellent train and road transportation links, so your goods can get moving quickly around and out of the country whether they have originated from the capital of Bucharest or anywhere further afield. Our local network will have your goods packed and on the road to the UK in no time. In addition, Romania has a strong export sector which includes agricultural products, food, wines and other alcoholic drinks, wood and wooden products, leather and textiles, industrial machinery and parts, electrical and electronic equipment, metal products, cars, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and many other goods, making it a great trading partner with UK companies. 

As we are premier freight forwarders from Romania, we can get your goods to the UK quickly and easily, so reach out to our team to discuss how we can help.

Customs Obligations

Any shipments sent from the EU to the UK have more substantial paperwork responsibilities, so always take the advice of your customs agent. If you are compliant from the very beginning of the shipment process, it will mean your goods will pass the borders quickly with no stoppages that will cost time and money. 

VAT and Duties

There are now additional tariffs, duties and VAT payable on all shipments post-Brexit. Once again, we recommend taking advice from your freight forwarder, customs agent, but also an accountant or tax specialist to understand your VAT liability and the associated regulations. Without being set up for VAT, you will have to pay it at the border before your goods can cross. Again, always speak to your advisory team for more details 

Road Freight from Romania to the UK

Haulage between Romania and the UK currently takes 7-9 days for groupage, 3-4 days for full or partial loads, and 2-3 days express. If a quicker time frame is required, speak to the Barrington Freight crew.

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