Exporting to Portugal from the UK

Portugal is often best known by British folks for being a stunning and close tourist destination. With our shipping services running daily to and from for many years, we fully understand the requirements when exporting to Portugal. Our experienced team help create strategic solutions to help your goods glide through export clearance customs, no matter what interests you are shipping from the UK. To help get you started, we have created this handy list below.

Customs from the UK to Portugal

Portugal is in the EU, and as the UK has left the European Union, there are more complex rules to consider when sending a consignment. Both an EU and UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) is required to send goods from the UK to Portugal. Both numbers are vital and allow customs officials to trace shipped cargo coming into the EU from the UK. Failing to organise both numbers will result in customs blocking goods and holding them at the border, incurring fees and may even mean they are turned back. Be sure you are compliant. Take a look at the application process here: What is an EORI Number.  

Further paperwork will be required to ship goods to Portugal from the UK, without which shipments will face delays, and border agencies will charge more fees. If paperwork is incorrect, customs may turn back goods, so giving customs the correct information is crucial to get right the first time. Visit the government advisory page to get started. 

Duties and VAT

When exporting from the UK to Portugal, duties are calculated on the basis that the UK is a “third country” – which refers to a nation outside the EU. The recent EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement means cargo may be tariff-free if it has been manufactured in the sender’s country, and if this is the case, this must be declared and verified. The agreement applies in both directions but be sure to research whether your goods qualify. If not, there will be duties to pay. 

Declare Your Shipment

Suppose you have completed all your customs paperwork and declarations accurately. In that case, it will be easy to get your goods through, but even a tiny mistake can delay an entire load, so avoiding this before it’s an issue is best. Goods held at the borders incur fees, so we recommend hiring an expert in the relevant paperwork to avoid mistakes and costly delays. 

Licences and Certification

There is a range of restricted items requiring licenses and certification to pass the borders from the UK to Portugal. Research to understand whether your consignment of goods are on the list and if so, be sure to get the licences and certificates organised to avoid delays.

Get Started

Exporting goods from Portugal to the UK may seem complicated after Brexit, but by hiring experienced freight forwarders, your shipment will be effortless for your business and cargo.

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