The ancient Chinese city of Wuxi faces the largest freshwater lake in the whole of the country – Lake Taihu – but it does not have its own port, unlike Rizhao, Xiamen or Wenzhou, for example. As such, the city might seem an odd choice for a British-based importer to choose at first glance. However, Wuxi, which has a population of well over 6 million people in its wider municipal region, has historically always been a big exporter. Even in Imperial China, the city was known in Europe and elsewhere for its exports of rice, silk and other textiles.

Even today, Wuxi enjoys a big exporting economy. As a prefecture-level city area in the eastern province of Jiangsu, it serves the markets of many other provinces in China as well as those in North America and Europe. This is because Wuxi is not far from the Yangtze River, the economic pipeline that has served China so well for so long. Manufacturing firms in the city can get their goods to some of the country’s largest ports with relative ease ready for onward shipments to the rest of the world. Furthermore, Wuxi is connected to Shanghai by a high-speed rail connection that opened in 2014. It also benefits from Sunan Shuofang International Airport with at least freight handling airlines that operate from it.

Why Do British Importers Choose Wuxi?

Perhaps above all other considerations, the predominant reason why UK importers choose to do business with firms based in Wuxi is because there are so many high-tech companies that are based there. According to numerous indices, the city is among the top centres of excellence for scientific research output globally. What’s more, Wuxi’s historic reputation for high-quality textile manufacturing continues to this day with plenty of firms that operate in this particular sector.

Wuxi is also well-known in motor manufacturing as a place where electric motors and automotive components are made. It is the home of several of China’s biggest photovoltaic manufacturers of solar panels and is also a centre of bicycle part manufacturing. The city is also a pharmaceutical hub in China as well as a place that is associated with the latest in software development. As a high-tech city, it is little wonder that businesses from all over the world, including the UK, want to trade with companies that have a reputation for research and development as well as cost-effectiveness.

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If your business has found what might be its perfect supplier in Wuxi, then importing to the UK should not present any particular difficulties when it is compared to other Chinese cities. Yes, many goods will need to be taken by road or rail to a port city unless they will be air freighted out of the country. However, with the right freight forwarding firm behind you, this should not cause unnecessary delays or excessive paperwork. At Barrington Freight, we have the know-how to support UK-based importers who want to trade with Wuxi, so why not call us today to see how we can help?