Located a short distance from Aberdeen’s city centre, Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) is a passenger terminal handling millions of passengers each year as well as a cargo hub. The airport enjoys good road and rail links for importers who want to ensure their air-freighted goods are able to make their onward journey as soon as possible following their touchdown and customs checks. As with other airports in the UK serving international flights, controls of the import and export of goods – including preventing any potentially illegal activities – are managed by HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC).

Given that many British importers use air freight services nowadays and Aberdeen’s location in the East of Scotland makes it such a good choice, finding a reliable customs clearance agent with knowledge of the airport is a wise move. Customs clearance work for imports at Aberdeen means ensuring all of the importation documents are in good order, ideally long before the cargo even lands in the UK. Furthermore, a good working knowledge of the way HMRC officials operate at Aberdeen’s only airport helps to make sure that there are no undue delays once goods have arrived. With plenty of experience through all of Scotland’s major importation hubs – including Aberdeen International Airport – Barrington Freight is ideally placed to help you.

Why leave it to someone in your own organisation to make sure commodity codes are right for the class of goods you are importing? Doing so can lead to all sorts of hold ups especially if you have excise duty to consider or VAT declarations that will also be required. At Barrington Freight, we have all of the know-how to ensure your customs clearance work is carried out swiftly and efficiently so your consignment can continue to make its onward journey to you or your customer unhindered.

Combine Our Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Expertise For Your Imports

One of the key points to take on board about our customs clearance agency work at Aberdeen Airport is that we also operate as freight forwarders. As such, we can manage your delivery from anywhere in the world it happens to be starting its journey – the Far East, North America or Europe – and ensure that it is arranged for you in the most cost-effective manner possible. Furthermore, our operations team also functions as customs clearance agents so your air freight won’t be delayed at the airport while customs officials go through all of the paperwork. By preparing it in advance ready for a physical inspection to be made, it will help to ensure your supply chain operates in the most efficient manner possible.

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Why Choose Barrington Freight for Custom Clearance Imports in Aberdeen?

With competitive rates for our professional expertise plus a great deal of know-how with EORI registration, commodity codes and accreditations with customs services around the globe, there is no better firm to choose than Barrington Freight. If you are importing through Aberdeen Airport or plan to soon, then now would be a good time to contact us to discuss your specific business requirements.