Exporting to Hungary from the UK

Freight forwarding to Hungary is popular with UK companies as the country is a high-growth European business hub with a strong import and export sector. Hungary is a stunning country with green forests, rolling hills, and mountain ranges and is situated in the Carpathian Basin and is divided by the Danube and Tisza rivers. The capital city of Budapest, while popular with tourists, is also a hub of industry that extends well beyond the city limits. It has preserved its historical atmosphere and towering spired cityscape while also being a modern and vibrant metropolis. And although Hungarian is linguistically separate from the other major European languages, trade is easy as English is also widely spoken.

Even post-Brexit, trade relations between the UK and Hungary remain strong, even though British exit from the single market has increased tariffs and customs requirements to export into Hungary. Therefore, it’s always worth consulting with your freight forwarder and customs agent before booking your shipment to determine the requirements for your specific goods, whether you sent them as a full-load, partial or as groupage.

Customs and Duties

Customs changes post-Brexit can seem overwhelming, so we always advise companies to work with and get advice from experts in the industry. A good freight forwarder or customs agent will save you time and money with their knowledge of the latest logistics legislation and requirements.

All shipments to the EU from the UK are considered the same as any other international country consignment. However, it will need a Customs Declaration and two EORI numbers – one for the UK and another for the EU. Arrange these before sending so there are no delays. 

Your goods may be eligible for “zero tariffs” via the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement but remember, approval for no tariffs does not mean exemption from customs paperwork. When working with our expert team, we will always advise on this and every other aspect of the shipping and customs process. You’ll find further Hungarian specific information on the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA) website.

Packaging and Standards

Goods packaging is obliged to have labels in Hungarian. The Hungarian Trade Licensing Office is the primary regulator and sets the standards for foreign products, including the registration and certification of specific products. Do your research to determine if any special rules apply when exporting goods to Hungary. 

Road Freight from the UK to Hungary

Even with the additional customs duties, haulage and freight forwarding to Hungary from the UK is easy with Barrington Freight. We offer fast and efficient service, which currently takes 5-7 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 2-3 days for express shipping. Get in touch with us if you need a faster time or have unique delivery specifications – a Barrington advisor will be able to offer guidance on these.

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Working with Barrington Freight

We aim to provide stress-free shipping for business exports from the UK to Hungary. We strive to get your cargo to its delivery point on time at low prices that don’t scrimp on service. If you have questions, want additional information, or perhaps have an unusual load request, contact our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].