At Barrington Freight, we provide professional customs clearance agency work for exporters using East Midlands Airport (EMA) to send their goods overseas. Located in the heart of England close to many of the country’s biggest distribution hubs, East Midlands Airport is an ideal choice for streamlined air freight to customers in Europe and beyond. However, any company that wants to make use of the air freight operators who fly from there will need to make sure they have fully prepared their cargo’s accompanying paperwork. This is where the expertise on offer from Barrington Freight will come into its own.

All too often, the advantage of shipping goods with an air carrier is undone by poorly filled in customs clearances. Exports will usually arrive at their intended destination faster if they are air freighted. Nevertheless, customs officials working at East Midlands Airport will need to inspect all goods before they are loaded onto aeroplanes. This means that the documentation that tells them what the goods are will need to be 100 per cent correct. If not, HMRC officers will have the right to hold your goods at the international border until such time as the paperwork is sorted out.

Many companies without the in-house skills to make customs declarations will fall at this hurdle, potentially letting their overseas customers down. However, at Barrington Freight, we have the experience of East Midlands Airport and the wider exportation declaration system in the UK to deal with all of the necessary administrative work on your behalf. With so much expertise at your disposal, why would you take a chance of a hold up when we can ensure your goods continue their journey without delays caused by customs officers?

Customs Clearance Agents For Exports Via East Midlands Airport

The operations team at Barrington Freight is available to handle all sorts of consignments that will be leaving the country via East Midlands Airport. We help numerous exporters with the process of registering themselves for an EORI number so that their declarations will be made officially, for instance. We also deal with matters like duty and commodity codes to ensure goods pass through their inspection without fuss. Given that we deal with export customs clearances all the time, there is no better company to turn to if you intend using East Midlands Airport to convey orders to overseas clients.

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Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearances at East Midlands Airport Combined

Please note that our operations team undertakes freight forwarding work as well as operating as a high-quality customs clearance agency. As such, you can book us to take care of your delivery for its entire journey. As freight forwarders, we will arrange to have your delivery collected anywhere in the country and taken to East Midlands Airport where it will pass through its customs inspection with its paperwork in good order. Onward travel will also be arranged once the goods have touched down in their destination country and passed through the customs checks in that territory.