For all your road freight to Macedonia, why look further than Barrington Freight? With economy groupage services, cheap pallet delivery, all types of general haulage to Macedonia, express services including our dedicated courier vans across Europe, 48 hour / 2 day services, full load and part load consignments of cargo from the UK to Macedonia we offer it all.

We carry business / commercial cargo only, UK to / from Macedonia.

Officially the “Republic of Macedonia”, also known as FYROM or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, we must be careful to distinguish the current country from the much larger region of the same name – or your freight to Macedonia could end up in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, or Serbia! There are never such mistakes with professional freight forwarders to the Republic such as Barrington Freight, but beware of inexperienced cheap delivery companies who don’t know the country!

Ship Your Freight To Macedonia With Our Express Service

Our local partner depots know the country like the back of their hand, and ensure speedy and safe delivery of your exports to and from “Republika Makedonija”. We deliver groupage to Macedonia within 7-10 days; our trucks and trailers of consolidated freight offer cheap international shipping costs with level of service expected from leading freight forwarders to the Balkans.

Full load haulage to Macedonia is of course quicker, and very economical. Palletised loads are always welcome, and standard euro/uk export pallets can be accommodated very cheaply – especially if stackable. We ship plastic pallets, wooden pallets, printers pallets, 120×100 or 120×80 centimetre base pallets, shrink and stretch wrapped pallets, cages and skids and stillages, cartons and packing cases, in fact almost any business-to-business road freight to Macedonia!

Our express services by dedicated road freight vans can arrive quicker than you think! The 1600 mile trip from London to the Macedonian capital Skopje means that express services would take over 25 hours non-stop, so next day services are not really practical – even for our escort and sprinter dedicated road freight vans. However, we can genuinely offer 48 hour / 2 day services by our dedicated courier vans across Europe! More remote locations may take a little longer, but we can reach all eight regions – namely Polog, Skopje, North-Eastern, Eastern, South-Eastern, Vardar, Pelagonia and South-Western.

Macedonian freight logistics and local delivery is handled by our local partner depots around the country.

This ensures your cargo from the UK to Macedonia is handled by experts every step of the way. You will get straight through to one of our knowledgeable Balkan advisors when you ring 01268 525 444; we can advise on every sort of haulage to Macedonia, whether your business-to-business cargo requires an express handling service or is just groupage to Macedonia. As Macedonia is not a member of the EU, you will need to supply commercial invoices (customs paperwork is required); we can help with this, our “feet on the ground” in Skopje ensure the fastest possible customs clearance at your destination.

Having only 2 million inhabitants living in a country of 10,000 sq.miles in area (of which approximately a quarter are ethnically Albanians) the FYROM is relatively sparsely populated. The languages spoken are split in similar proportions between Macedonian and Albanian. Geographically, a clearly defined central valley (with the Vardar River) is bordered to the north-east and south-west by sets of mountain ranges, with Mount Korab being the tallest at 9,068 feet. But don’t worry, we will take good care of your fragile / secure or time-sensitive cargo from the UK to Macedonia or back.

Barrington Freight to Macedonia are the professional freight forwarders for the Balkans! Shipments to Macedonia frequently leave the UK for the cities and towns of Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, Stip, Veles, Ohrid, Gostivar, Strumica, Kocani, Radovis, Kavadarci, Kicevo and others. Our cheap courier services for groupage to FYROM are the envy of other pan-European couriers, and full or part loads of Macedonian road freight are our speciality. Your exports to and from Macedonia are safe in our hands.

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The logistics of Macedonian road freight benefit from 7 main road corridors across the country, namely the A1-A7 “avtopat” – a good length of which are already to motorway standard. The A1 was the first, and runs North-South from the Tabanovce border crossing with Serbia, passing Kumanovo (A2 junction), Petrovec (Skopje Airport, A3 junction), Veles, Gradsko (A5 junction), Negotino (A7 junction), and on to the main border crossing with Greece near Gevgelija.

Exports from Macedonia include textiles, iron, steel, wine and vegetables; imports include fuel, machinery and manufactured goods, and vehicles. Whether travelling as groupage to Macedonia or return, as fragile/secure or time sensitive cargo from the UK to Macedonia, by dedicated express courier van across Europe to provide 48 hour / 2 day services door-to-door, or as a specific / bespoke delivery of special haulage to Macedonia; we are the preferred freight forwarder to the Balkans for many exporters and importers, both small and large.

For all your “Republika Makedonija” consignments – call Barrington Freight for cheap courier services, the very best in cheap pallet delivery and economy groupage services, for a cheap delivery service that can be tailored to your needs, and for a reputable European haulage and transport company big enough to do the job yet small enough to care!

Where is Macedonia Located?

Macedonia is a landlocked country in South Eastern Europe, bordered by Kosovo to the north-west, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west.