Guangzhou offers attractive business opportunities for companies in the UK. When importing from Guangzhou port to the UK, choosing the right mode of transport is critical. The shipping method you select will impact the final cost and the profit margin; therefore, you must consider your choices carefully. You have to agree with your supplier before purchasing what method you will use to take the goods to the Guangzhou port, and after that, how your cargo will get to the UK. Here are the factors you need to consider when importing from Guangzhou port to the UK.

The Cost of shipping

Airfreight is significantly more expensive because an aircraft has a limited capacity than a cargo ship. As a result, almost 90% of global shipping is done by sea. However, the pricing of your shipping is also determined by the volume and weight of your goods. It may be more cost-effective for you to ship a smaller shipment by air from Guangzhou rather than by sea because the price difference between the two modes of transportation is significantly smaller for lighter goods than for heavier cargoes. Aside from the cost of transportation, both kinds of shipping require identical customs clearance or delivery fees. If your sea freight is LCL rather than FCL, you may incur the additional cost of consolidating your LCL shipment with other cargo into a container at a Container Freight Station.

The Type and Nature of The Goods

When deciding how to import from Guangzhou to the UK, you must factor in the value of your cargo. Sea freight is the best way to transport low-value goods. Your cargo’s weight and size are also important considerations when you are choosing a mode of transport. Sea transportation is the way to go when importing heavy machinery, breakbulk, machinery spare parts, marbles and stones, and other heavy materials. Air transportation is a safer option if you’re dealing with tiny but precious low-weight commodities like diamonds and jewellery, pharmaceuticals, other medical products, and emergency supplies.

The Transit time from Guangzhou to the UK

In most circumstances, air freight transit times range from three to five days, with a maximum of ten days from Guangzhou to the UK.Sea shipment, on the other hand, might take anywhere from 21 to 30 days from Guangzhou to the UK. For a low-cost alternative to airfreight, go for express LCL service.

The Urgency of your goods

If you are transporting urgent cargo, then air freight is the best option for you. For a bulk order which includes items with a short delivery deadline, you may want to consider separating the cargo and sending the urgent items by air and the rest by sea.

Your cargo may fall into more than one category. For instance, your shipment could be perishable and oversized. Or it could be non-perishable but time-sensitive.In such cases, it is always essential that you consider any factors that could devalue the cargo or breach the provisions in your contract.

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