Exporting to Luxembourg from the UK

Freight to Luxembourg from the UK is straightforward with Barrington Freight. We have experience spanning decades of transporting cargo from the UK to Europe, so we are experts in getting your consignment to its destination, whether it’s a full load, partial load, groupage or our timed and dual-driver express service.

Luxembourg is a lively and bustling place with rich art, history and culture, effortlessly fused with modernity. Its population is multilingual and multicultural, while the energy is creative and eclectic. The old city of Luxembourg, with its UNESCO World Heritage, stands alongside high-tech buildings in a rich and contrasting landscape.

Even post-Brexit, Luxembourg is a strong import partner for UK goods. Now though, there is more red tape when importing and exporting between the UK and Luxembourg, and exporters and senders must fulfil further declaration obligations. Prior to Brexit, while the UK was a member of the EU, there were no such requirements to trade with Luxembourg, which remains an EU Single Market member. Now commercial trade commerce has the same rules and regulations, including the myriad of customs requirements as any other international “third country”. Brexit has caused more complications when forwarding freight; however, it’s not difficult for an expert freight forwarder like Barrington Freight. Our team comprises customs professionals who will ensure your shipment satisfies its customs necessities before shipping to eliminate avoidable stoppages.

Customs Requirements

A current customs responsibility is now not just one but two EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number), which includes one for the UK and one for the EU. Our blog, What is an EORI Number has more. The cargo shipped determines your customs paperwork to be submitted, so do your research and speak to your customs agent for more.

VAT and Duty Fees

Unless covered by the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, Post-Brexit shipping attracts additional costs. There are also VAT reciprocal agreements between the EU and UK, so we recommend taking guidance from a taxation expert to understand the extent of your obligations. 

Road Freight to Luxembourg 

Sending road freight to Luxembourg from the UK is easy with Barrington Freight. We strive to deliver your goods quickly from their pickup address all the way through to their final delivery point. Our road freight services between the UK and Luxembourg currently takes 4-5 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express shipping.

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