Importing from Germany to the UK

If you are searching for freight forwarding for your business or commercial freight from Germany to the UK, Barrington Freight can help. We have decades of experience, so even amidst Covid and Brexit times of uncertainty, we are the best choice for German to UK business shipping. German imports are a huge market for the UK, so it’s vital to be up to date about rule changes. Imports now require more paperwork, tariffs, and duties payable. To streamline the process, we recommend working with a reputable freight forwarding company to handle your shipment to stop cargo from being stuck at the border, costing both time and money. Take a look at the list below to get you started importing from Germany.

Customs from Germany to the UK

As the UK is no longer part of the European Union like Germany, you will need an EU and UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) to ship goods. The numbers are used by customs officials to track and trace consignments, leading to faster processing times. They are mandatory, so failure to provide both will mean goods are delayed for delivery. For information, see: What is an EORI Number.  

Further paperwork depends on the type of goods being shipped, and your shipment will face delays and fees if you present incorrect or incomplete paperwork. For more details visit the government advisory page

VAT and Duties

Duties and VAT are calculated from any “third country” – a nation outside the EU. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement allows for cargo to be tariff-free if manufactured in Germany and sent to the UK. Be sure to find out if this covers your goods or not and any specific duties your load may incur. 

Decide on Your Export Declaration Agent

Getting your customs declaration completed correctly is vital to avoid delays for the shipment which will incur fees that will need to be paid before customs release the load for delivery. These forms can be completed by you or someone in your business, but ensure you’ve done your research on the requirements first to ensure there is nothing missed. However, we would recommend hiring an expert with a broad overview of conditions so there are no unnecessary delays. 

Special Licences and Certificates

Your cargo may need special licenses or certification to transit from Germany to the UK depending on what you are shipping and if the goods are under any restrictions. Be sure any particular documents are applied for and before shipping, as failure to do so will cause delays and issues at the border.

Get Started

Importing from Germany can be easy and straightforward post-Brexit, but by getting prepared and with expertise on your side by working with a reputable agent or freight forwarder like Barrington Freight, the process can be smooth with no hitches.

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