With a professional team of customs clearance agents working to ensure your goods pass through Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) rapidly, Barrington Freight is the ideal firm to turn to when exporting goods from northern England. Leeds Bradford Airport is a passenger terminal in the main but a substantial amount of cargo is handled there each year. With two cargo sheds, Leeds Bradford Airport is geared up to meet the needs of both importers and exporters in the region. 

Bear in mind all exported goods passing throughout Leeds Bradford Airport will need to undergo a customs inspection before they can be loaded onto aircraft. This is why it is crucial for British exporters to make sure their customs clearance declarations are properly prepared. At Barrington Freight, we can handle all of the technical aspects of declaring exports so you can get on the job of developing more overseas customers instead.

Without Barrington Freight’s expertise on your side to ensure your customs clearances are correct, HMRC may delay the passage of your consignments at Leeds Bradford Airport. Even worse, they have the right to impound any items they think have not been declared in accordance with the current export regulations. By making use of an expert in customs clearance work like Barrington Freight, you will be able to overcome any potential problems. We will deal with your customs clearances for you so that your goods make their way to your overseas clients, thereby improving your entire exportation process at a stroke.

Customs Clearances for Exported Goods Via Leeds Bradford Airport

At Barrington Freight, we can help your export business to streamline its logistical operation via Leeds Bradford Airport in two ways. Firstly, our in-depth know-how of the way HMRC operates at the airport will mean we can prepare your customs clearances in the best manner possible so that the potential for any undesirable hold ups is avoided. Secondly, we have been working as customs clearance agents in the UK for years. As such, we have an unrivalled level of expertise with the exportation regulations in operation today. Whether you need us to help you with selecting the right commodity codes for the class of goods you are exporting or need to register as an official British exporter, we will take care of all the technicalities associated with overseas trade on your behalf.

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Combine Customs Export Declarations With Freight Forwarding at Barrington Freight

It is worth bearing in mind that the operations team at Barrington Freight who will act as your export customs clearance agents at Leeds Bradford Airport can also provide high-quality services as freight forwarders. This means you can turn to us as a one-stop-shop providing a cost-effective exportation solution. Not only will we arrange an air freight service from Leeds Bradford Airport but we can also sort out travel in the UK to the border, too. Once your goods have cleared customs in the UK and the country they’re heading to thanks to our clearance work, we can also have your consignment forwarded to its onward destination. Call us today to find out more.