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Chemical Import and Export Processes

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Whether you run a firm that would like to import chemicals or you work for an established chemical export firm,…
tshirts how to import clothes

How to Import Clothes and Garments

| How to | No Comments
Importing garments into the UK is a multifaceted endeavour that involves understanding market dynamics, regulatory compliance and logistical planning. This…
save money product samples from china

How to Save Money When Ordering Product Samples From China

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In the world of international trade, getting product samples from China can open doors to high-quality products at competitive prices.…
truck to northern ireland Risk Cargo

At Risk Cargo: Northern Ireland Trade Explained

| How to | No Comments
'At risk' goods, charged with the applicable EU rate of duty, are at the heart of the complexity of post-Brexit…
woman reading how to get an import license

How to Get an Import Licence in the UK

| How to | No Comments
Navigating the complexities of international trade necessitates a keen understanding of legal requirements, including the acquisition of an import licence…
shipping alibaba warehouse

How to Import From China Using Alibaba

| How to | No Comments
Alibaba is the world's foremost online marketplace. Selling Alibaba products has revolutionised global wholesale trade by connecting suppliers in China…

Most Profitable Items to Import from China

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In an era of global commerce, the UK-China trade axis stands as a beacon of economic opportunity and collaboration. This…
furniture image - how to import furniture

How to Import Furniture

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In today’s increasingly globalised market, importing furniture offers businesses a wealth of opportunities, from accessing unique designs and materials to…
shipping containers - reducing shipping costs

How to Reduce Shipping Costs

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In today's increasingly globalised supply chain, managing shipping costs effectively is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain competitiveness and enhance…
How Do You Start Selling on Amazon?

How Do You Start Selling on Amazon?

| How to | No Comments
Many business owners ask, “How do you start selling on Amazon?” It’s a potent question, too, because knowing how to…
How to Reduce Import Tax Legally

How to Reduce Import Tax Legally

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Navigating the complexities of import tax is a pivotal aspect of international trade for UK importers if they are not…
how to start importing Sea Freight

How to Import: Essential Recommendations for Beginners

| How to | No Comments
Knowing how to import goods to the UK could make all the difference to your business, offering you a competitive…
how to calculate import duty UK

How To Calculate Import Duty: Guidance for UK-Based Businesses

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In an era of globalised trade, understanding how to calculate customs fees and duties is crucial for any British business…
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