Importing from Lithuania to the UK

Importing freight from Lithuania to the UK is accessible in so many ways as the Lithuanian government focuses on ensuring trade is easy and efficient between countries. Located at the convergence of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Lithuania has strong manufacturing, agricultural, and technology sectors that require a strong import and export market to both continue this strengthening of the industrial sector and sell the goods and services they create. The UK is a great and prominent trading partner post-Brexit even though there are more legalities to comply with now. 

Barrington Freight is an expert freight forwarder between Lithuania and the UK, so your goods are secure and will get where they need to go on time when we take care of your shipment. Our local agent channels on the ground in Lithuania will help even the toughest consignments to land quickly and easily on the ground in the UK. And while there are many customs changes after Brexit as a non-EU country, including paperwork requirements and general regulations, we will get your shipment where it needs to go quickly. So, contact our team to discover how Barrington Freight can help whether you are shipping groupage, full or partial load, or via our express service. We offer cheap and quality services to accommodate your budget and meet deadlines to get your goods into the UK on time.

Customs and Duties

There are a vast number of customs changes post-Brexit, so it’s best to speak to your freight forwarder or customs agent for up-to-date logistics information as EU goods into the UK are now treated as they would be from any other foreign country. Customs Declarations are demanded for all imports and an EORI is needed for both the UK and EU sides of the borders, so be sure you have these in place before sending your goods. Your goods may be eligible for the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement allowing “zero tariffs”, but please note that does not exclude your load from meeting the need for the required customs paperwork. Reciprocal arrangements for VAT may apply to your goods but always confirm this with your customs agent. When you work with Barrington Freight, our expert team will oversee these procedures and can advise accordingly. 

Road Freight from Lithuania

Road Freight to the UK from Lithuania can be quick and easy with us, even with the extra customs requirements. Road freight and haulage are fast with Barrington Freight – our services via road services currently take 7-9 days for groupage to Lithuania, 3-4 days for a full load, and 2-3 days for express shipping.

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Remove stress from business imports to the UK from Lithuania with Barrington Freight with our excellent services at cheap rates that don’t compromise on services. Your cargo will arrive at its destination safely and on time when you have our expert team on board to minimise delays. For more information or if you have an unusual load request, contact our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].