Is cheap freight good business?

Like most things in life, anyone can do things “cheap”. When it comes to cheap freight forwarding, as a company we decided in our early business plan that we didn’t want to be “cheap”.

Our services include road freight shipping, air freight shipping and sea freight shipping and all three modes of transport have a basic cost element. If something seems too good to be true in life, it often is. Many other freight forwarders may omit small “add on” charges like fuel surcharge, security fees, VAT and other charges that might make them look initially cheap but it will bump their quote up afterwards. At Barrington we always quote including ALL charges, we dislike surprises as much as you do!

So, “CHEAP”, what’s in a word?

To many, the word “cheap” means relatively low in cost or good value.

The word CHEAP can also mean –

  • Achieved with little effort: a cheap victory; cheap laughs.
  • Of considered of small value: in wartime, when life was cheap.
  • Of poor quality; inferior: a cheap toy, cheap and nasty
  • Worthy of no respect; vulgar or contemptible: a cheap gangster.
  • Stingy; miserly.
  • Worth relatively little: promises are cheap
  • Ashamed; embarrassed: to feel cheap
  • Tasteless; flashy; garish.
  • Inferior, poor, worthless, second-rate, shoddy, tawdry, tatty, trashy, substandard, low-rent.

By definition, it seems that there are more BAD examples of CHEAP than GOOD.

Our promise to you is that we will give you value for moneyWe are not CHEAP, we want to be the BEST.

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