At Barrington Freight, we have a great deal of experience handling road and sea exports via the Port of Grangemouth to continental Europe. As well as operating as a large container port, Grangemouth provides roll-on/roll-off services to Antwerp. As such, Scottish exporters often make use of the port to get their goods directly into the European Union where they can make their onward journey directly from the Netherlands. However, since the UK is no longer an EU member, customs export clearances must be organised in advance of the goods arriving at the port. If not, they will be delayed or, in the worst cases, impounded. 

That’s why we offer customs clearance services to UK exporters using the Port of Grangemouth. Our operations team will do a diligent job so that all of the technical aspects of such work are taken care of on your behalf. If you are new to exporting goods to Europe and beyond, then obtaining the expert knowledge of professionals like those at Barrington Freight can be invaluable. We will help with the National Export System that is required for exports from the UK these days. We can also offer guidance on when the government’s Customs Supervised Export (CSE) simplification system would be the best way forward to handle your declarations and when it might not. 

Even experienced export firms do not always have the in-house knowledge to get this often complex paperwork process right the first time. At Barrington Freight, we do because we deal with exports via Grangemouth all the time. Why risk getting something wrong and letting your customers down with a late shipment when we can take care of everything for you?

Export Customs Clearances for Road and Sea Routes Via Scotland’s Largest Port

With so much cargo being shipped from Scotland – and northern England – to Europe via the ferry services at Grangemouth, ensuring that your cargo isn’t held up when it is inspected is essential for any serious exporting firm. Of course, visual inspections of shipments will be made by customs officials at the port. 

The fact is, however, that a visual check of goods is more likely if your export declaration isn’t in good order, to begin with. Even simple errors can lead to undesirable setbacks which would have been avoidable if you had turned to Barrington Freight to handle your documentation in the first place.

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Combine Freight Forwarding and Export Customs Clearances at Grangemouth Port

Please bear in mind that Barrington Freight provides freight forwarding services as well as operating as a customs clearance agent for exports at Grangemouth. This means we can organise your shipment from your warehouse directly to your customers in Europe and deal with the export paperwork as a part of the process. This means the road and shipping routes will be planned in advance for you for a high-quality service that provides exporters with a complete solution under one roof. Call our operations team on 01268 978660 or email us at [email protected] for more information.