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China FlagWith plenty of experience, moving cargo from China to the UK is a well-travelled road for us here at Barrington Freight. Shipping from China is our speciality, and so you can be sure that our moving of your freight along the 18,00km journey in as little as 24 days will be completed smoothly and at a good value for your money. We quote some of the best rates for our Sea Freight service from China for full container loads (FCL) and are equally as accepting of Less Than Container Loads (LCL) and with our knowledgeable experts always on hand to give advice about your shipment, you can be sure of a well-informed service throughout the entire importing process. Whether a 20ft or 40ft container, our shipping is inexpensive and we can deliver from a large number of ports for your importing from China to UK.

How Much Does Importing from China Cost?

Importing from China doesn’t have to be an expensive process, and here at Barrington Freight we are determined to make sure that you are getting good value for your money without demanding high costs for our service. All cargo is different, but we offer a FREE quote service to give you a clearer idea as to what your shipment might cost. It’s also important to consider the cost of import tax when shipping from China to the UK. To help you, you can use the Barrington Freight Duty Calculator to look for the duty and tax rates not only for China, but globally too. Our calculator covers a wide range of categories, including Antiques and Arts, Apparel and Shoes, Baby, Health and Beauty, Jewellery and Watches, Music and Musical Instruments and much more. Unfortunately we can’t calculate the tax on Food and Drink, Medicines and drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, Fresh plants and flowers, chemicals, live animals, weapons or anything pornographic, so if your shipment comes under any of these categories our Duty Calculator unfortunately will not be able to give you an accurate idea of what your tax will cost. By using an experienced company such as ourselves and ensuring you calculate your import tax, you can save time, money and have that extra peace of mind that your shipment will arrive on time to your destination.

What Ports Can I Import from China From?

The Port of Chiwan is just one of many ports serving the area, but we offer a full UK container service via this port. If your goods to be imported from China to UK are from Chiwan or the surrounding areas, this historic port once used to protect the Pearl River from the British is the perfect choice.

The Port of Dalian is the port the furthest port North that stays ice-free all year around. Our experienced staff are on hand no matter the time of year to help you with your shipment and getting it onto one of our affordable, value-for-money Freight ships.

Guangzhou Port is a vital hub for the industries of the Guangdong Province and the surrounding areas, and is a key port for our Chinese import service. The area is known for vehicle assembly, bio-technology and its heavy industry, and so containers both 20ft and 40ft are highly in demand to deliver these goods from China to the UK.

Hong Kong
This deep-water, natural harbour in the South China Sea has numerous container terminals that Barrington Freight had benefited greatly from over the years. Our Full Container Loads benefit from discounted Sea Freight rates, but our LCLs also make up for plenty of our shipping from China.

With the local government planning a harbour-side industrial zone for heavy industry, Jiangmen is an up-and-coming port for all things Freight. The city of Jiangmen lies next to a network of intra-city roadways and highways, which encourages the cheaper shipping from this port from China to UK.

Shanghai Port is ever growing, and with the increasing popularity of the city as a whole, we here at Barrington Freight knew we needed to start importing from China from this port. The Yangshan deep-water facility opened in 200 can handle the world’s biggest container ships, and with Shanghai acting as a major hub for all Chinese expressways, our value-for-money shipping services from China to UK are worth contacting us about.

Other ports we deliver to include:

  • Port of Foshan, Foshan
  • Port of Fuzhou, Fuzhou
  • Port of Hangzhou, Hangzhou
  • Huangpu Port, Huangpu
  • Nanhai Port, Nanhai
  • Port of Nanjing, Nanjing
  • Port of Nantong, Nantong
  • Port of Ningbo, Ningbo
  • Port of Qingdao, Qingdao
  • Port of Rongqi, Rongqi
  • Port of Shantou, Shantou
  • Port of Shenzen, Shenzen
  • Shunde Port, Shunde
  • Skekou Port, Shekou
  • Suzhou Port, Suzhou
  • Port of Tanggu, Tianjin
  • Port of Wenzhou, Wenzhou
  • Wuxi Port, Wuxi
  • Xiamen Port, Xiamen
  • Xingang Port, Xingang
  • Port of Xiaolan, Xiaolan
  • Yantian International Container Terminal, Yantian
  • Zhongshan Port, Zhongshan
  • Port of Zhuhai, Zhuhai

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Where is China located?

China is situated in the eastern part of Asia, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the southeastern part of the Eurasian continent