Importing from Sweden to the UK

Barrington Freight can help forward your freight from Sweden to the UK promptly, so reach out to us if you want to send goods via express, full load, partial load, or groupage. Our team of expert freight and customs advisors will get your cargo cleared at the borders and to its delivery point on time.   

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in the north of Europe known for its breathtaking country, sights, culture and history. As an EU member country, it enjoys a stable economy that has grown steadily with low inflation and strong trade links, meaning the import and export sector is thriving. With famous exports like ABBA, IKEA and Volvo, it may be hard to think there is anything else, but there is so much more. 

The vitality of the Swedish startup scene has thrown them into the international spotlight with modern-day innovation. However, the country has a legacy and long history for innovation via their investment in education and research projects that have developed the economy.

With a further focus on green technology, the creation of eco-friendly innovations that are internationally in demand, and government funding into sustainable industries, the exports from this sector are growing even more. Add to that other primary Swedish exports, including a range of machinery and transportation equipment, chemical products, rubber products, food, clothing and textiles, furniture and wood products. These products and many more make Swedish products attractive to import into the UK from Sweden. 

So with all of the opportunities mentioned above for UK companies, importing innovative goods and products from Sweden into Britain makes sense. Even in the post-Brexit times, with additional border controls, tariffs and paperwork, there are still so many opportunities for trade, made easier by having an experienced freight forwarder on your team. Barrington Freight is a logical choice to handle your shipment with our decades of expertise and our engaged and enthusiastic team. We will guide and advise every step of the way. So give us a call and discover how we will help you get your shipment on its way and efficiently across the borders to its final destination in the UK.

Customs Responsibilities

There are many more customs regulations post-Brexit, including EORI requirements and paperwork when importing from an EU country. Be sure to get advice from your experienced customs representative to circumvent stops at the border. 

VAT and Duties

Customs will require freight from Sweden to the UK to pay duties and VAT, so always take advice from your freight forwarder and customs agent, plus be sure to discuss your VAT obligations with your accountant. 

Road Freight to the UK from Sweden

Shipments intended for the UK from Sweden take 2-3 days express, 5-7 days for groupage, and 3-4 days for full or partial loads; however, if you want faster delivery, talk to the Barrington Freight crew.

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