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Barrington Freight has many years of freight forwarding experience and was on the frontlines of when eCommerce became essential in the commercial and business sector. There are three ways we can support your eCommerce freight forwarding needs – direct to client, Amazon, also known as FBA, and Alibaba/ AliExpress. 

Direct to Client

No matter your client’s location around the world, Barrington Freight can get your goods there. We specialise in courier services to deliver online shopping while also offering international shipping solutions for large consignments of whole or part container loads. We can run the gamete of small to large shipping requirements and are proud to be a trusted partner to import or export your goods internationally.

We offer same day, next day, or 72-hour delivery through the UK and the EU with tailored solutions for international shipments. 

Amazon FBA

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) allows businesses to have eCommerce services using Amazon’s marketplace and deliver directly to customers. It sounds easy, but there are many requirements when sending products to their fulfilment centres.

We support getting your goods to Amazon, saving you time and energy on your application. We also assist in preparing your shipment for delivery to the FBA fulfilment centre.


ECommerce is essential these days, and with another juggernaut marketplace like Alibaba, there is one more expansive way to the market. We support you to get your goods to the warehouse and start selling. We can organise shipping to the Alibaba freight delivery centres and back or from China to your warehouse while their forwarding service, Aliexpress, delivers directly to the end customer.

Going solo when applying can put business owner off selling via platforms, so we help with the vast requirements to get products to or from fulfilment centres. 

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Compare the Three

Whether you choose our courier or shipping services, Alibaba or FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), there are a host of ways our experienced team can help support your launch into eCommerce services and expanding your online sales bade.

Alibaba has a different market focus to FBA, so to figure out which is best, do your research or speak to us about your options. 

eCommerce Shipping Considerations

With the UK now out of the EU Single Market, further customs paperwork and preparation are required but be assured we can also help with that. We have years of experience shipping to many international locations whose rules and customs requirements are similar to what is required to ship from the UK to the EU.

We will ensure a stress-free and easy eCommerce freight forwarding experience.  

Work With Us

Barrington Freight can take the stress out of eCommerce for you by guiding your business through any complexity that you may face. Our services save time and money because we’ve done this before and can guide you through without any rookie mistakes, whether by preparing your shipment or organising customs paperwork. 

For more information about our eCommerce services, reach out to our team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected]. For a competitive freight shipment quotation, fill in your details on our quote form.