European Transport Services

With over 50-years-experience in worldwide freight and road transport to Europe, you can be assured that we can assist you with freight haulage for groupage, full load and express transport to all the countries below. As members of BIFA, we are a haulage company that you can trust. To see further details of our European services, click on one of the links below.

Freight Shipping Services

We are one of the few international freight shipping companies that deliver to Austria daily, so you can be sure that your delivery is never delayed, and our additional depots in Austria mean that we can deliver to any part of the country.

When it comes to delivering freight to Belgium, Barrington Freight can ensure a fast, dedicated delivery by ferry and by road. Deliveries to any area of Belgium are welcomed, including those to the busy capital, and we will do our best to ensure fast delivery no matter that level of traffic.

After joining the EU in 2007, Bulgaria no longer involves any special customs paperwork, making your delivery with Barrington Freight that bit easier. With a wide range of options for shipping and delivery times, there’s no shortage of options for your service.

As the premier freight forwarder to Croatia, international freight shipping has never been smoother to the EU state. After joining the EU in 2013, the volume of cargo shipped to and from Croatia from the UK has increased drastically, with the lack of paperwork and easier access.

Shipping to Cyprus can be more problematic than to other EU countries, but Barrington Freight are an experienced Freight forwarder when it comes to Cyprus. We have the knowledge to make the delivery of freight to Cyprus far smoother than other freight companies.

With daily shipments to France, Barrington Freight can’t be beaten on their freight shipping services. With collection and despatch in the same day, there’s no delay to worry about. Next-day services really do mean next-day at Barrington Freight.

Relying on Barrington Freight is easy when it comes to their transport services to Germany. With freight being sent through their local, reliable delivery partners throughout Germany, there’s full coverage across the whole of the country.

Despite the size of the territory, road freight to Gibraltar is in constant and high demand, and here at Barrington Freight we can make sure that your delivery makes it there on time and in one piece. With a high level of British expats living there, UK-consumer goods are in high demand, and so the road to Gibraltar is one well-travelled.

For business-to-business cargo from the UK to Greece, look no further. We can deliver anything and everything business or consumer, and there’s no need to worry about large or awkwardly shaped products – that’s our speciality!

Departing daily, our freight tracks are regularly travelling to Holland, and so we can ship your groupage to Holland practically upon request. Our fast, cost-effective service will leave you satisfied with the service, and you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll deliver your freight on time and in perfect condition.

With its booming tourist industry, shipping to Ibiza is a must. Our imports and exports from Ibiza are a regular, reliable service so you can be assured that your freight will reach its destination quickly and at an affordable cost.

Delivering to Ireland, to Barrington Freight, is practically the same as delivering to the UK. We’ll make sure your delivery reaches Northern or Southern Ireland without a hitch, so you can rest easy knowing your delivery will make it to its destination.

Quick and safe delivery to Italy is a well-travelled road for us here at Barrington Freight. Our experience and our expertise can help assure you that our cheap, reliable pallet delivery and international freight shipping are services that you can trust.

Our experienced team of Baltic advisors are on hand to help you choose the best delivery service for your freight delivery service to Latvia. Whether it’s next-day delivery, or a cheaper economic service, we’ll find you the best deal and make sure that your delivery arrives at its destination.

With a wide range of services at affordable prices, delivering cargo to Lithuania
has never been as easy as it is with Barrington Freight. With delivery across all 10 counties, our cover is nationwide and reliable.

Our freight shipping services to Mallorca are some of the speediest in Europe. We can facilitate urgent deliveries with ease, and at a low cost, there’s no reason not to choose Barrington Freight for your delivery service.

Our trucks ship to Malta via direct road freight trailer service, where they’re then loaded onto a ferry at Genoa in Italy to Valletta port in Malta. We can even facilitate 3-4 day ‘urgent’ deliveries.

With regular shipment of part-load and full-load trucks every day to Norway, we can avoid any delays on shipping your cargo waiting to fill an entire truck before it ships. You can be assured that your items will reach their destination in good time and condition.

Speak to our Romanian freight specialists about your freight shipping service to Romania, and get that extra peace of mind that we’ll deliver your cargo as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Despite the need for export documentation due to its non-EU status, Barrington Freight will do their best to make sure your delivery to Serbia is as quick and stress-free as possible. Let us take the strain of getting your items through customs, and be assured that we will have it speeding to its destination quickly.

Barrington Freight also ship to the following countries: