The Cypriot economy is surpassing expectations and continues to grow despite economic turbulence in the past. This has attracted more UK businesses and investors, which now rely on seamless trade between the two nations. As an island, freight services to Cyprus require in-depth planning and vast experience. Thankfully, Barrington Freight has that in abundance and can offer pallet to Cyprus services for low rates.

The journey to Cyprus is one of our longest UK freight forwarder operations and requires meticulous planning and constant communication between our headquarters and drivers to ensure we overcome unforeseen issues. This is why Barrington Freight is made up of detail people and are able to offer long-distance freight services around Europe.

Sending Pallets to Cyprus with Barrington Freight Delivery

All our pallet delivery services to Cyprus are executed within regulations and so your pallets are safe 100% of the time. However, we are not just about making sure your cargo arrives in one piece, but we also make sure your pallet gets to Cyprus in the quickest possible time. Efficient handovers and our knowledge of routes to Cyprus is second to none. When unforeseen situations strike, we already have backup routes prepared to stick to your delivery deadline.

Shipping a pallet to Cyprus doesn’t have to be an added business stress. With Barrington Freight by your side, you can be sure that you are dealing with true professionals, experienced in their work – and dedicated to helping you foster fruitful business relationships around Europe.

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Where is Cyprus Located?

Cyprus is in South Eastern Europe, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea; it lies south of Turkey, and to the west of Syria and the Lebanon.