Becoming a Trucker: The Pros and Cons of Delivering Freight.

While you might not need college or University grades, becoming a trucker takes a very specific type of person. Here at Barrington Freight, we value speed and efficiency, and finding drivers with the means to help us fulfil our promise takes more than just find someone with a valid licence. With long hours and a need for endurance, trucking can either be your biggest dream or your worst nightmare. We’ve gathered together some of the pros and cons of delivering freight for you to consider.

Pro: Travel opportunities.

If there’s one perk of freight delivery to consider, it’s the fact that it opens up the opportunity for plenty of travel. The long-distance driving that comes with being a trucker means that you could wake up in England, and go to bed anywhere in Europe, all while getting paid to do so. With ever-changing scenery every day of your working life, you’ll run into plenty of destinations that you might not have otherwise had the opportunity to visit, or even places you might not have known existed previously. If you enjoy travelling and the opportunity to see the world, then a freight delivery job could be perfect for you. From countryside to mountain ranges, the views will be constantly and consistently changing, giving you an experience you won’t get in any other job.

Con: Long hours.

It may seem like an obvious statement, but long-distance drivers will be working long hours that might seem even longer when you’re on the road. You’ll need to be alert to keep yourself and others safe on the road, and come to terms with the fact you might miss important family functions or the opportunities to hang out with your friends. If spending hours alone with yourself sounds like your idea of hell, then this job probably isn’t for you. But if you think you can comfortably drive for hours on end, simply holding onto a steering wheel and watching the road, then don’t be disheartened just yet. While there are plenty of long repetitive hours, there are also plenty of hours filled with new experiences to enjoy.

Pro: Well paid.

With the volume of deliveries constantly increasing all over the world today, it’s no wonder that the industry is desperate for drivers and willing to pay for them. Companies are constantly on the lookout for experienced, dedicated drivers and most, if not all truck drivers are going to earn significantly over minimum wage. Solo truck drivers can earn upwards of £30,000, with team drivers and trainers earning even more than that, and there are usually plenty of perks and benefits to boot. From medical cover, to marriage counselling facilities, high speed networks, health insurance and accommodation discounts, most delivery companies will offer plenty of benefits to their drivers on top of the generous pay. With most companies paying per mile, long distance driving can be quite the well-paying business.

Con: You won’t have a companion to talk to.

There’s no way of denying it, delivering freight can be lonely. Even for those that prefer their own company, sitting alone in your truck for hours upon hours at a time can have an effect on the psyche, and the lack of companionship can affect you more than you’ll initially realise. You have to remember that it won’t just be while you’re in your truck that you’ll lack someone to talk to. You could be eating alone too, and very possibly in places that aren’t the most favourable. Communicating with your love ones or work colleagues can ultimately come down to just phone calls or the use of your CB, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that kind of communication too. But you will meet people on your travels. Whether it’s the clients, or other truckers in the same situation as you in various fast-food joints along the motorways, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to run into someone you wouldn’t otherwise have met.

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