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Here at Barrington Freight, we feel that sometimes one of the best and most overlooked parts of the work we do is the places that our team get to go to and see as a result of transporting freight around the world for our customers. We work with customers and businesses that ship things from the UK to all parts of Europe and beyond, which is why we have decided to give you a glimpse into some of our favourite rail journeys experienced by freight trains. You are sure to be left inspired to book your next trip after reading up about the following delightful train journeys….

Trier to Koblenz to Giessen (Germany)

This rail journey that takes place along the bank of the Rhine in Cologne and then cuts through the famous river at Koblenz and then continues to the university town of Giessen but offers plenty to see along its route! Trier is in fact the oldest cities in Germany and has Roman influences which contrast to its fascinating winemaking history. The change over at Koblenz means you can take the time to take a cable car to the 19th century Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Shrewsbury to Pwllheli (Wales)

The 118 mile journey that takes you from Shrewsbury to Pwllheli takes you right through the thick of the Welsh Marches and the very heart of rural Wales which we feel makes this journey exceptionally picturesque and interesting. After the train pass the Dovey Junction you get to witness some of the most impressive views of Cardigan Bay and sheer cliff edges before arriving at your destination.

Inlandsbanan Route (Sweden)

This fascinating journey takes place between Kristinehamn and Gallivare, on the north of the Arctic Circle along the spine of Sweden between December and April. The train does not offer food so it takes orders so that food is always ready in restaurants that can be stopped off on its route- genius! This journey offers a fascinating insight into beautiful natural surroundings on this part of the world.

Clermont Ferrand to Neussargues-Beziers (France)

The unique train line that connects the French towns of Clermont Ferrand and Neussargues-Beziers should be one of the most celebrated train journeys in the country but it is in fact more under threat that anything else. This train journey takes you over Eiffel’s Garabit Viaduct which was a major tourist attraction when it opened in the late 1800’s and takes you through Languedoc and Massif Central which offer stunning views of this part of the country.

The Locarno Domodossola Line (Switzerland/ Italy)

This particular journey is best to be travelled in the autumn and winter months when the leaves are thinning or absent altogether and you truly get the chance to see the picturesque surroundings of the journey at their finest. This route takes you through quaint mountain villages and stunning forestry, not to mention cable cars and lakes. The best thing about his journey is that is takes place on fabulous steel and stone bridges that are just as charming as the route they occupy.