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When it comes to arranging a shipment, we typically tend to imagine the types of products that are easy to organise and arrange into a pallet. In reality, however, the amount of goods that are shipped in pallets compared to the total amount of goods that are shipped all around the world is minute! When choosing your ideal freight forwarding company, their ability to handle different products and cargo is important when it comes to figuring out the logistics of the whole procedure, particularly when the goods are travelling long distances. To minimise any damages that may be caused to the goods during the shipping process, the types of containers used should be chosen based on their contents and the conditions the goods inside need to be kept in.

Something that is changing freight forwarding operations is the fact that we can now adapt the way we ship goods to suit certain types of atypical cargo that requires unique care. Now we can look towards being able to ship liquid contents in a dry container and this is done via a Flexitank.

What is a Flexitank?

The Flexitank was firstc created by the military in the USA to transport and store diesel during the 60’s. The liquid storage unit was made up of polyethylene layers as well as being covered in woven polypropylene (a very tough thermostatic polymer). This technology then went on to be developed to help in the transportation of liquids. This not only makes the shipment of non-hazardous liquids easier, but makes the process safer and more cost effective too.

What can they ship?

Felxitanks are perfect for shipping anything from beverages and (non-hazardous) chemicals to edible oils and fruit concentrates. The materials that Flexitanks are made from ensure that their contents are at minimal risk of contamination, which is also highly beneficial. The increased demand for food around the world means that Flexitanks offer a great solution when it comes to helping solve the demands for food and drinks trade around the world. While North America were the largest market for bulk container packaging, the trend is now shifting and Southeast Asia and Indonesia are now leading the way in this field.

Alternatives to the Flexitank

Bulk container liners and flexible intermediate bulk containers are useful ways to ship liquids. Shipping liquid is also possible in other forms and new technology is in high demand for its ability to transform the face of the shipping industry and help keep up with the demand for foods and beverages that we are currently experiencing.

If you want to know about our freight forwarding services, have any questions with regards to how your goods will be shipped, or want to know about the logistics of getting your goods from A to B, then get in touch with us today. Alternatively, why not request a free shipping quote and find out how Barrington Freight can save you money with your freight forwarding needs?

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