While the world of freight and logistics doesn’t stop when October 31st comes around, Halloween is still a holiday we love to celebrate. If you’re looking for a comfortable but creepily good costume for the upcoming holiday, these last minute ideas could have you wowing your co-workers or showing off your love for all things freight. Read on to find yours!


Cargo Thief

For a truly last minute costume, there’s nothing scarier for a freight forwarder than a cargo thief! Lurking around every corner, creeping through the shadows and slithering into the most secure supply chains, cargo thieves are a terrifying part of everyday life for long-distance forwarders. If you want to creep out your colleagues, don a fully black outfit with a convenient eye mask for a touch of ‘anonymity’. The best part? You probably won’t have to spend a penny to put this costume together. If a face mask isn’t something you have, opt for a black hat and a scarf around your mouth.


Cargo Labels

If you want something a little more subtle if you’re out on the job or stuck at work, why not opt for a cargo label? Just like a cargo thief, all you really need is a staple white shirt! From here, you can write out the label yourself, or print out a copy with whatever details you see fit. Turn this into a family costume by dressing up your youngest in a label onesie and dress fully in brown to become the ‘box’.


Human Crane

If a touch of arts and crafts if more your thing, why don’t you break out the cardboard boxes and build your very own crane? Annoy your co-workers with a space-consuming costume, or for those looking to build the perfect costume for your kids, one that they and their classmates will remember for years to come.


Team Drivers

Team driving is a great way to get time-sensitive freight delivered on time, but it also makes a great couples or friends costume. Take it as seriously or as lightly as you deem fit – dress up in matching uniforms and break out a fake steering wheel. For a slightly more humorous touch, make the uniforms sports-based, or don a pair of pompoms for the ‘supporting’ driver. Switch props throughout the night for the full effect.


A Plane!.. For Your Pet

Pets aren’t exempt from the Halloween fun! In fact, we highly encourage dressing your furry friends up in frightful freight costumes. One particular favourite of ours is a plane! You can pick up any basic pet outfit from a local pet store, and cut out cardboard wings for a simple, but effective costume. If you’re a little more gifted in the sewing department, you could opt for putting together your very own costume. Whatever the case, let your pet get involved this Halloween.


While Halloween might not be a public holiday, all of us love to get involved. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect costume for your work party or your child is a freight-fanatic, hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas for a quick last-minute costume this Halloween.

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