The profitability of sourcing from China has always been a huge selling point for businesses looking for outsourcing opportunities. The low cost of materials and labour have attracted small, medium and large businesses to start sourcing their products to the Asian country and as a result, China has quickly become a global powerhouse. But with more and more companies turning their efforts there, is China really still as profitable as it once was, or are businesses spending unnecessary amounts when it could be done cheaper elsewhere? We’re exploring exactly that, below.

Is It Worthwhile?

In short, yes, sourcing from China is still very much a profitable opportunity for countless companies but this can all come down to appropriate planning and road mapping. A basic plan of action should include; finding a good product to sell, a manufacturer able to produce it, a good supplier for materials and resources. Then once you have samples, try and sell them on or have them tested to see if the product is likely to do well. From here, you can decide whether it’s time to scale it up and start mass-market manufacturing!

Provided that these stages are done with careful observation and risk management in mind, sourcing from China is still a profitable option for a lot of businesses.

What Can China Offer?

Of course, profitability is one thing to consider but outsourcing product manufacturing to China can offer plenty of other benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Quality Assurance

Despite having initially been associated with the less favourable connotations of ‘cheap’, the improvements in manufacturing from China over the years have come on incredible leaps and bounds. It’s easy to source out suppliers in China who can offer high-quality products and even have a good reputation that you can trust. Gaining quality assurance from Chinese suppliers is much simpler than you might think and could only require a little research on your part, or the use of a sourcing agent.

  • Long-Term Sustainability

By sourcing large quantities of high-quality products with low costs, the long-term sustainability of sourcing from China is unbeatable. By building up partnerships with reputable suppliers, you can ultimately build a worthwhile rapport and by utilising affordable importing from China freight services too, the long-term sustainability both financially and physically is a benefit to consider.

  • Labour

Of course, the cost of labour in China is much lower than at home in the UK, but more importantly than that, the workforce in China is extremely promising. With the sheer size of the population in China, there is a substantial level of both unskilled and skilled workers, and as a result, you can rest assured that your products are in promising and trustworthy hands.

  • Volume Of Orders

From both a manufacturing and shipping point of view, large volumes aren’t an issue in China. You can order in bulk, have it shipped from the incredible Port of Shanghai and delivered right to the intended destination without so much as a hiccup and all at an affordable cost. These volumes are what sets China apart from the rest. If you need high volumes of products in quick time, China’s workforce, efficiency, quality assurance and sheer capability to handle these orders is what truly makes it a profitable venture.

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