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At Barrington Freight, we operate in a professional manner that means our expertise in the global logistics system is at the disposal of each and every one of our clients. We’ll help your business to import and export goods so they get to their intended destination on time and with the most cost-effective methods. It is all part of the service that we provide. Of course, like any other professional service you make use of, there should be some discernible and easily identified benefits your business will derive. What are some of the most advantageous things about turning to Barrington Freight for freight forwarding services today?

  • Negotiating Freight Charges

One of the most important aspects of the work we do is to ensure you get as low a price as possible from shipping firms. Whether you are opting for air freight, courier consignments or deliveries made by ocean-going container vessels, your business should not be overspending. Our knowledge within the sector means that we are ideally placed to help your firm keep its overheads down and its profitability high.

  • Ensuring Consignment Documentation Is Correct

Whether importing or exporting, there is a great onus – especially among British companies – to ensure their paperwork is in order. If you have not registered for an EORI number, for example, then it is impossible to produce the right sort of declarations. Equally, we can help to make sure your commodity codes are always correct, a good thing to know if your firm trades in different classes of goods.

  • Freight Insurance Specialism

We provide high-quality freight insurance services at Barrington Freight so you can obtain just the sort of cover you need. We’ll help to insure your consignments against loss, theft and damage. What’s more, you can obtain insurance that covers individual consignments or coverage for all of the movements of your goods over the course of a year. Freight insurance is a specialist part of the insurance industry, so if you want to obtain cover that truly protects you against losses while not spending excessively, then we can help.

  • Customs Management

Dealing with HMRC can be tough, especially if you run a small or medium-sized enterprise that does not import or export regularly. Managing customs officials so they are satisfied and do not delay the movement of consignments through ports is a fundamental part of good freight forwarding and something we do very well at Barrington Freight.

  • Logistics Expertise

At the end of the day, freight forwarding is about providing a high level of expertise to ensure goods are delivered in a timely manner without spending too much. As such, in-depth knowledge of the logistics sector, both at home and abroad, is what is needed. In this regard, Barrington Freight can be your trusted partner thanks to the decades of collective experience in the industry our freight forwarding staff can draw upon. We think you’ll be delighted you appointed us to manage your important shipments for you. Why not make contact with us without any further delay to see how we can help?

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