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The first 20,000 TEU ship hit the water for the first time in March – a ship belonging to Japan’s Mitsui OSK (MOL) lines with an official capacity of 20,170 TEU. It was developed for MOL by Samsung Heavy Industries and named MOL Triumph. However, it wouldn’t be long until this ship’s record was broken and on the 27th of April this year, Maersk Line deployed its first ship with a capacity of 20,568 TEU on its maiden voyage to the port of Tianjin in China. This marks an incredible development in the freight industry and the Madrid Maersk is only the first in a series of 11 second generation Triple-E vessels to replace less efficient tonnage and older vessels by 2018.

For anyone unaware of what this achievement means, TEU is a measuring unit meaning ‘twenty-foot equivalent unit’. It is an inexact unit to describe the capacity of cargo units based on the volume of a typical intermodal container, which is 20 feet in length. The Madrid Maersk is the world’s largest boxship in the Maersk fleet and the world’s largest container ship. Their next largest ship transporting cargo is their H-class vessel, which has a capacity of 15,226 TEU.

The organisation said that their new vessels carry on a tradition of improving efficiency and optimising operations, including loading and speed, speed of delivery, and the cargo they are capable of transporting. They are dedicated to matching and exceeding the standards of their competitors and as the world’s largest shipping companies, there is little left for them to compete with. Yet still, they seek to push boundaries and press the limitations of the freight and shipping industries. Their new ship is equipped with all of the latest energy saving technologies, high efficiency rudder and propeller and low friction underwater paint.

Maersk’s plans for the older, less efficient ships they plan to retire include recycling Panamax vessels and dedication resources to improving the capabilities of their operation even further. With just this one ship already on the water they are expecting a global growth of 3% although not necessarily this year. For now, however, they will continue to fight to secure their place as market leader and cost leader and despite the incredible progress they have already made this year, they will not cease exercising their strengths and looking for more ways to improve the company and the services they provide. In fact, there is a very good possibility that their record-breaking vessels may drive down costs, opening new doorways within the freight forwarding industry.

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