We’re already well entrenched in the Christmas period and as the entirety of the freight industry will tell you, it also happens to be one of the busiest times in the year. Fresh off the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, the shipping industry is on its toes, running to keep up and make sure that their all-important shipments reach their destination in apt time. For those of us in logistics, we’ve been preparing for this rush since the last Christmas rush, but for those shipping time-sensitive goods, things aren’t always that simple.

To make things a little more manageable this festive season, we’ve put together this simple guide:

Ship Early

While an ‘early’ shipment isn’t always possible with time-sensitive goods – medicines, food, high-value goods to name just a few – the earlier you can send out your delivery, the better. Whether shipping out or importing in, this is equally as important either way, especially during the holidays. By shipping earlier than you may have any other time of the year, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive precisely where they’re needed, when they’re needed. This can help not only avoid a back-up as we edge towards the big day, but provide a buffer zone in the case that your shipment does get caught in the rush.

Pack Everything Sufficiently

Packaging is everything when it comes to shipments, but it’s particularly crucial to get it right over the holidays to ensure optimal protection. With millions of parcels, containers, letters and more all being transported cross-country and overseas every day, it’s easy for bumps, scrapes and knocks to happen at any point of the journey. While the freight handler will take every care to ensure your goods are kept safe and intact, the high volume of goods being dealt with across the board, and even the sheer number of lorries on the road causing the notorious winter traffic, can all make the risk a little higher. For this reason, an extra layer or two of bubble wrap or the right temperature control can keep your goods safe and secure throughout the journey.

Make The Most Of TMS And Tracking

Here at Barrington Freight, we utilise a travel management system that ensures we know where our drivers and shipments are going and when. We are also on hand to provide tracking information and the true value of this throughout the holiday period often goes unnoticed. Being able to not only know where your shipments are, but plan when they’re going to arrive more effectively and help to streamline your entire supply chain. This way, you can plan for any delays and provide a more in-depth and efficient response to the final delivery.

Determine The Delivery Service You Need

Before you even send your goods on their journey, you have to decide which shipping service you need to begin with. Of course, in most cases you’ll want a faster shipment service, including next-day services. Consumer tolerance for late or delayed shipments is particularly low during the festive season and so it’s important to ensure that you’re picking the right shipment. While a standard delivery service may have been sufficient throughout the year, during December and into the New Year, it may be worth investing in a faster service for extra peace of mind.

Shipping during the holidays can be stressful, and no one is going to deny that. However, with the right preparation and Barrington Freight on your side, you can have those time-sensitive shipments at their destination in good time.

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