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Last week, the freight industry and Transport for London took a great step forward in the fight against climate change and pollution. In the hopes of reducing the freight industry’s fuel costs and emission levels, TfL have designed a programme aimed at transport managers, van drivers and HGV drivers that will educate them on how to reduce their fuel consumption.

This training course that was recently launched falls under the industry led programme LoCITY which has aimed to encourage the freight and fleet sector to buy ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) and adopt new strategies to reduce the industry’s overall environmental impact. The programme has been producing case studies as well as advising and engaging with fleet and freight operators in the hopes that by September 2020 the Ultra Low Emission Zone – a zone within which all vehicles will meet exhaust emission standards – will be up and running. This planned zone in London, conceived by TFL, is designed to promote more environmentally friendly forms of transport within London and lower the amount of nitrogen dioxide that still pollutes London’s air. While London’s overall pollution levels have been steadily dropping, the level of nitrogen dioxide in London’s air is still persistent, which means that change is needed direly and this training is the first step.

This new training course, LoCITY Driving, is DVSA approved (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) as well as CPC accredited (Certificate of Professional Competence) and covers a range of information and training that is designed to give individuals in depth and effective knowledge about how to plan journeys effectively and reduce emissions. This one day course will take place in a classroom setting, accompanied also by e-learning modules that will be studied independently, and will cover areas such as:

  • Fuel conserving driving techniques
  • The effects of regular maintenance and servicing of vehicles on fuel consumption and fuel costs
  • In-vehicle technology and its benefits
  • Effective journey planning, how to devise fuel efficient driving routes, and the effects of proper planning on emissions
  • Information on ULEVs, their benefits, debunking common misconceptions, and what can be done to increase their usage in the freight industry

One of the noblest aspects of this course is its honesty. LoCITY have promised to give as much honest information as possible to allow managers and drivers to make informed decisions that will help both their business and the environment. With this training, TfL and LoCITY will be making great progress in making ULEVs more widely available to the freight industry and freight forwarding techniques far more efficient.

As one of the UK’s leading logistics companies, we often ship to and from London and do our best to keep our shipping methods as economic and environmentally friendly as possible. Our methods of freight shipping to Europe in particular are some of the most efficient and reliable methods in the industry. So, we are fully aware of just how important this training is for our sector and look forward to the benefits of it in the future.

If you are registered on the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) website, you can log in and access the LoCity Driving e-learning materials. If you would like to enrol in this training course you can book your place on your nearest course by emailing

If you would like to take advantage of our efficient freight services, be sure to check out our European Haulage & Worldwide Freight Services.

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