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The Top Exports Around The World

Every country in the world has an economy, and while some are certainly stronger than others, the imports and exports between countries can often make up for a good chunk of it regardless. With oil, petrol and transport-related equipment sitting high up as a globally traded product, knowing which countries specialise in which products in particular could help determine your next big international shipment business move. Here, we’ve taken a look at some of the top exports at various countries across the globe.

The UK

We couldn’t start any other way than with our home, the United Kingdom. While gold is considered to be the UK’s biggest export, when this is taken out of the equation, we can see that machinery, manufactured goods and transportation-related items are the biggest export for the UK. However, what’s also interesting is that this is also seen to be one of the biggest imports too.

Republic Of Ireland

You’d think that our neighbours would be exporting in a similar pattern to us, but the truth of the matter is very different. In fact, Ireland’s biggest export is actually Packaged Medicaments. Their imports are similar to ours, though their transport-related imports tend to be related to helicopters and spacecraft.


Europe are fairly similar to the UK and Ireland, with transport and packaged medicaments being the most common exports. However, refined petroleum, petroleum gas and gold are also common and make up a good chunk of Europe’s outgoing materials.

Australia and New Zealand

It’s without a doubt that Australia’s biggest export is currently Iron Ore. The country is huge and with fast mineable land, it’s no surprise that they’re utilising the materials that they have within the country. Their neighbours, New Zealand, have taken a more agricultural approach with their biggest exports being concentrated milk and non-fillet frozen fish.


China is a key location for exports across the globe and it may not be a surprise to most that their biggest export is actually computers and computer parts. With a country focused on manufacturing and leading technology, this is a fairly understandable focus for the country to take.

North America

Without a doubt, the biggest export for the USA and Canada is crude and refined petroleum, with Mexico’s biggest export being cars. It appears that the richer of countries have a significant difference to the poorer, with the biggest imports tending to be petrol, oil or transport-related manufactured goods.

South America

South America differs from its northern counterpart in that most of the exports here are agriculture or natural material related. Brazil’s biggest export is soybeans, an understandable export considering the biome of the country, while Argentina opts for soybean meal. Chile and Colombia are primarily refined copper exporters, with Peru exporting copper ore. Of course, there are gas and petrol exports here too, with Venezuela and Bolivia acting as the two main exports for these two materials in particular.


Africa’s main exports undoubtedly depend on which part of the country you’re looking to export from. While the likes of Senegal, Guinea, Ghana and Burkina Faso are exporter of gold, the surrounding area also includes exporters of radioactive chemicals (Niger), rough wood (The Gambia), Diamonds (Sierra Leone) and agricultural exports like coconuts, nuts and cocoa beans (Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau). Of course, Crude petroleum is common in countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Nigeria, but the Eastern African countries tend to focus on Agricultural exports once more. Ethiopia and Uganda’s main export is Coffee, Kenya’s is Tea, South Sudan specialises in oil seed flour and Somalia exports sheep and goats.

As we move into the southern parts of Africa, we’re met with further copper, gold, petroleum and other raw materials, with South Africa being one of the biggest exports for gold in the world.

The world is filled with unique exports, but each country has their very own speciality. Whether you’re looking for coffee from Ethiopia or packaged medicaments from Ireland, there are plenty of enriching locations for your business.

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