The Top Trucking Movies of All Time

When thinking of trucking, a very stereotypical image can come to the minds of those who may not know much about the industry as a whole, but the question is – why? Depictions of truck drivers in movies could have a part to play in this, and so we’ve decided to look into some of the best trucking movies or movies that include trucking of all time.

White Line Fever (1975)

White Line Fever follows Carrol Jo Hummer, played by Jan-Michael Vincent, after he returns from a stint in the Air Force. He borrows money to buy a truck in order to make money by hauling produce all so he can marry his love interest in the film, Jerri Kane. However, he discovers that the long-haulage industry had been corrupted by criminal forces. The film centres on his fight against these corrupt forces to return the trucking industry to a trustworthy, crime-free industry.

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

The most memorable quote from this movie is probably “For the good ol’ American life. For the money, for the glory and for the fun. Mostly for the money.” In short, this movie was probably the one that made kids want to be truckers and helped increase the popularity of CB radios. The film follows Bo “The Bandit” Darville (Burt Reynolds) and Cledus “Snowman” Snow (Jerry Reed), two truckers who have found themselves on a wild ride hauling an illegal truckload of beer from Texas to Georgia, all while being chased by “Smokey” – Sherriff Buford T. Justice.

Over the Top (1987)

Over The Top follows Sylvester Stallone as Lincoln Hawk, a struggling trucker who is trying to rebuild his life after the death of his wide. Trying to make amends with his son that he left behind 10 years earlier, Hawk takes up an arm wrestling to make some extra cash but when the World Arm Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas crop up and his son takes an interest, he knows he has to take part. He hopes to win the grand prize of $100,000 and an expensive custom semi-truck all to start his own company – and win over his son.

Black Dog (1998)

Patrick Swayze stars as trucker Jack Crews in Black Dog – the marmite of trucker films. It’s possibly the best or worst trucking film of all time depending on whether you love or hate it! Jack Crews is an ex-convict who is tricked into hauling illegal firearms across the country. Swayze did all of his own stunts in this movie, as well as driving the huge 18-wheeler truck featured in the movie. The movie also features musicians Randy Travis and Meat Loaf, with Travis having sung on the movie’s soundtrack and ultimately reaching the top 30 of Top Country Albums!

…. And Cars! (2006)

Okay, so this is hardly a trucking movie, but if there’s any truck in any movie that is memorable, it’s Mater. Voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, Mater is a tow truck that any little future truckers will love to watch and quote. While the movie might not be about trucking, Mater’s character can help introduce people to the world of trucks, and generate interest in kids for future careers.