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When looking into shipping freight, it can be all too easy to be put off by the extensive variation in costs associated with transporting your goods from A to B, particularly if you are a business looking to maintain your profitability. In order to ensure that you avoid adding unnecessary charges in freight shipping, we have collated the following tips that are guaranteed to shed some light on additional charges and help make the costs of freight forwarding that much more straightforward:

1. Have the correct measurement ready

In order to obtain the most accurate and fixed cost quote, you should have the correct measurements ready upon enquiry. This includes length, width, height and weight measurements. This will ensure both the freight forwarder and you are sure on what is being shipped and no fees will be added upon the driver turning up and finding a larger load than anticipated.

2. Do you have any special services?

The special services you have access to depend on which freight forwarding company you choose and typical examples of special services include having a specific pickup/ drop off time, shipping hazardous goods etc. To ensure that you have the services you need are included, be thorough and clear when communicating which services you require and check that everything you are looking for is included in the original quote.

3. Taxes and fuel charges

Something that you should be able to ask for when you receive a quote is whether the total price you are quoted is an ‘all-inclusive’ quote. Some companies do not show the fuel and taxes you will be charged when giving quotes, which can surprise you when you have to pay an additional 20-40% more for your service than initially anticipated.

4. Be ready for the pickup and delivery

One of the easiest ways to pick up additional charges is by making the driver wait while you prepare your goods for pick up or delivery, so be sure to get yourself ready ahead of time. Allow extra time to get your shipment packed up and in a place where it can be easily accessed, and keep the company well informed if you need to reschedule for any reason.

5. Get a quote in the correct currency

Something to keep in mind when seeking out a quote to ship your goods is the exchange rate and whether that will dramatically alter how much you will end up having to pay. Exchange rates alter constantly, so enquire as to whether or not the rates you are being offered are fixed.

6. Package things properly

In order to make the entire process of shipping as straightforward and seamless as possible, make sure that you package your goods well in advance and as securely as possible. This can not only save you space and reduce the size of your load but also ensure that your goods arrive safely.


Here at Barrington Freight, we take our customer’s queries seriously, so if you should have any further questions or want to secure a free shipping quote today, do not hesitate to get in touch.