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This month, it was announced that the UK would be seeing the effects of a massive shakeup in the way that rail freight and passenger trains run in a long term plan to improve slots for passengers as well as freight works. This news has come following on from a two year review looking into the way that freight services and passenger services work alongside each other in order to find a way of improving the efficiency of both services. According to research, up to half of all time slots allocated for freight forwarding services were not being utilised, which prompted an investigation into how this time could be used more effectively used by passenger trains as well as shipment services.

It is said that over 4000 ‘paths’ (meaning the timed slots that are given to freight trains during a railway timetable) were opened up per week, which has resulted in there being more available opportunities for all trains to run improved and more frequent services on rail networks throughout the UK. This change has meant that train operators are better equipped to operate with more efficiency and consistency as it means that there is less congestion.

So, exactly who or what can we thank for the increased capacity on our railways?  Here are some of the key factors that came into play:

  • An improved method of timetabling
  • A better informed industry
  • A decline in the traffic produced by coal, iron and steel industries
  • More advanced freight operations e.g. the use of longer running trains

The aforementioned factors that have affected our railways are among some of the most unique and cost-effective, as they have developed without the need for cuts in costs and reduction in regularly transported freight. These changes are also likely to play a very important role when it comes to supporting the economy here in the UK amidst fears of Brexit and overall economic uncertainty. Fascinatingly, the UK has also ensured the future of freight in keeping a further 1000 pathways free for the growth of these services in years to come. This not only increases trade confidence, but also means that there is peace of mind offered for the potential of increased traffic benefits in later years without compromising on rail capacity.

There is something to be said about the impressive collaborative power of both the freight forwarding industry and the passenger service industry when it comes to impacting the winder rail industry for the better. Among the more immediate effects witnessed with the smoother running of passenger trains, there are also some exciting long term benefits on the horizon that we will all be able to benefit from. This joint effort has meant that we can look forward to a future that offers growth possibilities for freight, which can only serve as an encouragement to those looking to invest in and better utilise the powers of freight forwarding.

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