city road

When it comes to shipping to and from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, it can be far too easy to forget that that very same hustle and bustle has the potential to cause harm to your shipments or even effect the shipping times. With school out for the summer, we understand that cities can seem even more jam-packed full of people which is why we’ve put together a simple guide full of tips and tricks for a successful city shipment.

Ship In Good Time

If you have a time sensitive shipment on your hands, it’s best to get it out and going as soon as possible. While your courier will utilise the best routes where possible and try and avoid traffic to cut down on time, sometimes it’s simply an unavoidable circumstance. Of course, overnight shipments are less likely to hit hefty daytime traffic, but in these cases, the chance of hitting rush hour just on the last stretch is still there. For this reason, making sure that you ship in good time will save disappointment in the long run.

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery is becoming increasingly common as of late, and understandably so. For those that can afford a slightly higher fee, next day delivery can be a great way to ensure your goods reach their destination within 24 hours. In the case that traffic would make this impossible, efficient communication with your courier can help you better determine the status and location of your shipment at any one time.

Make Sure Your Goods Are Adequately Packed

Ensuring that your goods are packed efficiently can help you protect them against bumps and unavoidable jolts along the way. By using brand new cardboard boxes with strong parcel tape and sufficient packing material, or the correct size pallet that’s sufficiently wrapped and secured, you can give your cargo a better chance at surviving busy traffic. You can read our pallet packing blog here, or even our holiday packing tips for those busy season shipments!

Utilising Tracking

If you can use tracking, then do! This can not only help give you peace of mind that your shipment is on its way to you or to its destination, but it also provides you with all the information you need as to when it’s likely to arrive at its intended end point. This way, you can navigate your own busy schedule to fit, rather than waiting for hours a day for an unknown and unsecured delivery time.

Consider Your Shipping Times

The final tip is to consider the times you’re choosing for your shipment. From the literal time of day, to the time of year that you’re shipping your cargo, this can all have an effect on how long your shipment takes and the likelihood that it’ll reach its destination on time. Unless your shipment is vital to ship during the holiday period, for example, then consider shipping outside of this period for a much less stressful situation. Alternatively, you can opt for a courier and freight forwarder who has experience in navigating busy times and cities.

Here at Barrington Freight, we are determined to offer the most efficient service possible to our clients. If you’d like to know more about our next day delivery service or any of the delivery options we offer here, simply take a look around our site, apply for a quote or get in touch today.