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Whether you’re an avid fan of all things cargo or you’re simply looking for a recycling solution that can save space and money, container adaptations have become a quick and fast solution for people across the globe as of late. From swimming pools that are half Jacuzzi, to pint-sizes houses fit for habitation, there are plenty of things you can do with a retired container and we’re exploring some of those, below.

Take A Dip In Your Own Cargo Pool

If you’re a fan of cargo containers or swimming pools, the new trend circulating around our favourite social media sites is a unique mixture of the two. More and more companies are capitalising on an idea that these containers could be turned and moulded into something useful and unique for your garden. One company in particular, based in Canada, goes by the name Modpool and have started to develop a unique line of compact swimming pools for private use within homes. These particular pools can even be designed with a Jacuzzi half, split up by an efficient plastic boarder that helps the entire pod stay energy efficient in the cooler days.

Restaurants And Bars

The use of containers for restaurants and bars has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly when it comes to urban or maritime themed cafes and bistros. Whether opting to turn the container into a street food haven, or through piling up containers and carving out a fully functional restaurant, utilising retired cargo containers can give an eco-friendly and urban feel to any food or drink outlet and pull in customers in the meantime.


Another eco-friendly offering in terms of utilising retired containers is to build homes. While you may be wondering how a cargo container could possibly make a comfortable abode, a touch of interior design and clever layout can have anything from one and above all put together to craft an environmentally conscious home. Similarly, containers have been used for holiday getaways as an alternative to a caravan, student housing facilities in cities where space has been a problem and even temporary housing for those recently released and rehabilitating from rehab or jail.


In countries where money is an issue, putting together an entire building for schooling may be extremely out of budget. Through the use of renewable sources of energy, containers are being transformed into fully-functional schools for students in poorer parts of the world, thus opening more and more of these locations to education despite a lack of money.


Retailers have to fight hard in today’s consumer climate and what better way to pull in shoppers to your store than by offering something entirely unique? More and more shops, particularly pop-up shops and those with an ‘urban’ or ‘rustic’ feel, are starting to pick up the industrial theme and containers are certainly being swept up in this trend. Motorola, Superdry and Aether have all been known to have a container shop and it’s a trend that could see quite a lot of momentum in the future.

While we aren’t able to convert containers for you, here at Barrington Freight we do understand the need to utilise these retired containers for something unique and eco-friendly. Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration as to how to utilise old containers and what can be done!

If you’re looking for advice on a new container for your shipment, or for someone to help for forwarding your freight to its destination, that’s where we can help. Simply get in touch with a member of our team, today.

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