Having an experienced Freight Forwarder on your side for international shipping via air, ocean or road shipping will save you time and money finding the best deals and methods when sending a consignment of goods. The `forwarding’ company takes charge of the transport agreed from start to finish and arranges everything. Many, like Barrington Freight, also have in-house customs experts to ensure your cargo isn’t held at borders, costing fees and delaying delivery.

With financial considerations weighing so heavily on the shipping method, it’s essential that corners aren’t cut when choosing the best forwarders, suppliers, and international partners. However, there are ways to bring the prices down depending on your shipping methods. We can support your shipment with Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), and groupage services. It’s worth noting that if you are transporting delicate items via Groupage or LCL, loading and unloading at ports creates more opportunity for damage, loss, or theft, so we recommend FCL or express services for clients requiring additional security.

Full Container Load

FCL is when you use an entire container to transport your goods. The whole container will be used exclusively for your individual shipment and won’t be shared with any other consignment. However, this also means you bear the cost of the complete load. Shipping at high volumes via FCL is generally cheaper than any other method available as LCL charges on the cubic meter while FCL usually attracts flat rates. An added bonus is that we can collect and drop off with our end-to-end service to take all the hassle out of your shipment, and since a container is dedicated to your goods, it can be filled right up.  

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Less than a Container Load

LCL ships with more than one sender and combines more than one supplier shipment in a shared container. This style of shipping allows companies to transport smaller quantities of stock while paying for the space their load uses instead of paying for an entire solo container. This is an ideal service if you are looking to send a certain number of pallets but not enough to fill the container alone. This option is typically best for five or more pallets that you want to send at the same time to the same destination point. 


For a single pallet delivery, we recommend groupage. This service will consolidate your pallet with others headed to a similar destination, and then they are all carefully packed into a container for transit. Sharing the cost of transport is economical and easy to transport and makes international shipping accessible to any company no matter how small the shipping amount, while the collated shipment provides an economical freight method for a range of goods.

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