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Growing a retail business – whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce shop – usually requires significant investment. Commonly, retailers are either looking to extend opening hours with greater attendant staffing costs or to spend more on marketing to gain better brand awareness. All too often, they expand by spending. However, choosing the right freight company can often help to reduce costs while also improving growth.

This is largely because mismanagement in the supply chain causes retailers huge headaches. Not only do delays cost money and take many man-hours to resolve but they typically mean consumers don’t get what they want when they want it. Conversely, by turning to Barrington Freight to handle your freight forwarding for your retail business, it becomes easier to manage a raft of issues without impacting negatively on the point-of-sale part of the enterprise. Why else should you consider Barrington Freight if you want to continue to grow your retail business?

Choose the Right Shipping Options

With a huge amount of experience handling cargo from the European Union, the Far East and the rest of the world, Barrington Freight can assist retailers with all of their international consignment. What this will mean is being able to get time-sensitive goods onto your shelves as quickly as possible with couriers and air freight while less perishable or seasonal items can be shipped with less expense through the global intermodal container system. Bear in mind, too, that with freight forwarding, you can share the costs of containers with other importers, so this suits both large and much smaller retail enterprises alike.

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Handle Customs More Effectively

There can be little doubt that many retailers fall foul of the issues that surround imported goods at some point. Once HMRC has noticed errors in paperwork, they only tend to become more diligent at inspections. What growing retailers need, therefore, is a reliable freight forwarding firm that can handle the documentation for them, whether it is VAT, excise duty or even making the right declaration of goods under the government’s commodity code system.

Minimise Your Warehouse Costs

If you are not selling items to your customers as soon as they arrive in stock, then you will face the inevitable business costs associated with storage. On the other hand, Barrington Freight’s expertise will mean you can bring new lines into stock just as they are needed, not weeks beforehand. As such, your shipper becomes – in effect – your warehouse, something that vastly reduces needless business expenditure. Retailers and manufacturers both refer to this as just-in-time shipping. To achieve it you really need end-to-end control, something that only experts in freight forwarding can offer.

Offer Greater Reliability

With a better run freight forwarding service, the products you will be able to deliver to your customers will be there when you say they will be. What’s more, the modern freight tracking systems available to Barrington Freight will mean we can warn you in advance of any alterations to the schedule so you can stay one step ahead of the game. The result? More business growth driven by a better reputation for reliability.

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