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For the past year or so, drone technology has come on leaps and bounds, seeing everyone from the average Joe to Amazon’s own delivery team using the flying machines. However, did you know that they have already been used in medical services? While this hasn’t been on a large scale, the natural disasters of 2017 saw some companies using drones to transport medical supplies over dangerous terrain and this could one day become commonplace in the medical industry – but how?

The First Routine Drone Deliveries Could Start With Medical Supplies

While drones have been used as a delivery method in the past, especially where Amazon Prime Air is concerned, this hasn’t been seen on a routine scale as of yet. However, with the constant need for medical supplies, it’s this industry that could change that. In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing around 149 proposals that have been submitted under the UAS Integration Pilot Program, and a good chunk of these have medical-related support in them. This is just the start. John Walker, an aerospace consultant who has spent over 30 years within the FAA, claimed that he believed the public will be more willing to accept investments in drone technology is they believe it’s going to help.

Drones would be used as a way of delivering blood and other medical supplies to those that need them either in hospitals, or out in public and by opening up the air space to these medical drones, it could only be a matter of time before it becomes available to all kinds of companies.

The Time-Saving Opportunities Aren’t To Be Overlooked

Drone delivery of medical supplies could make the entire process much, much faster. Currently, supplies are sent by car for miles, especially where blood tests and urine samples are concerned, but with a long-distance drone, this could be made a whole lot faster. While driving on an empty road might not be much slower than a drone if it’s a direct route, overseas travel to surrounding islands, or busy, winding or traffic-filled roads can certainly slow down the process where a drone could soar above without an issue.

Global Adoption Is Already Underway

America have been at the forefront of drone technology for years and of course, they’re far ahead in the medical drone game. However, the rest of the globe is definitely starting to catch up and in particular, this is true of Africa. Zipline, a Silicon Valley-based company, launched a movement designed to offer instant delivery on-demand of essential medical supplies, and are looking to launch a service in Tanzania in the near future. What’s more, the country could even see drones in South Africa and Zimbabwe being used to fight poaching and improve agriculture, so there’s no reason as to why drones can’t become commonplace within the delivery industry.

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