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We’ve done movies, we’ve done a playlist and this time we’re taking a look at the top TV shows that celebrate the freight industry. While the large majority of the shows on our list are reality TV offerings, the realistic look at what the industry has to offer draws even those of us living the life daily into staring at the screen when we’re taking a breath from staring at the road. With an added splash of drama to enjoy within each of these offerings, we’ve pulled together some of the top TV series that celebrate and show off the freight industry for your enjoyment, below.

Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers is a favourite among avid truckers and general viewers alike. After premiering on History Channel in 2007, this show quickly gained traction as one of the most popular and much-loved reality TV shows of its time. Viewers get to follow truck drivers as they travel along harsh, icy roads and other extreme conditions as they risk cargo and limb on some of the deadliest ice crossings and frozen lakes in their heavy vehicles. This show gives a realistic and emotional look at what these large-as-life characters face on a daily basis and what they risk to do a job that they love. There are 10 seasons to date and a spin-off called Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads.

Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars premiered back in 2012 and works to show off the incredible challenges that independent drivers face. From extreme deliveries to long, harsh distances, Shipping Wars follows these drivers as they fight through auctions on the site uShip for ‘jobs’ that have been listed. Once that listing is won, the trucker can get to work delivering the shipment and it’s safe to say there has been some strange cargo including a giant popcorn ball (which, spoiler alert, was subsequently destroyed.)

Truck Stop USA

Truck Stop USA gives a new side to the life of a trucker. This show follows a Midway Truck Stop that runs 12 businesses all on one lot. This truck stop is more than just somewhere for drivers to rest, however. In fact, the stop features everything from your everyday amnesties, to a tattoo parlour. This show gives you a realistic look at what life is like at a Truck Stop and all of the strange characters that pass through them.

Truckers (BBC)

The show Truckers that featured on the BBC is the first on our list that isn’t a reality show. This drama series first broadcast in 2013 and follows fictional truck drivers working in Nottingham. With each episode centring on an individual driver, you’ll get to follow the daily life of Malachi Davies, Martin Banks, Steven Warley, Wendy Newman and more.

Trick My Truck

There’s nothing quite like a ‘pimp my ride’ type show, and Trick My Truck was exactly that for the trucking world. Drivers that couldn’t afford renovations were picked out one by one per week, given the opportunity to have their truck ‘pimped’ and redesigned with some incredible designs. They’re usually given a loan vehicle while it’s being done up, but the reactions on their face at the big reveal are definitely worth the watch.

Whether a driver looking for something to watch during breaks or an interested customer wanting to see more about the life we lead as delivery drivers, these TV shows can give an incredible insight into the life and how we get our road freight cargo from A to B. Why not give one a watch?

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