Port Knot

It’s no secret that the world is fighting to keep up with shipping. Nations across the world are adjusting their infrastructure at ports to cater for the constantly increasing volume of shipments that have to be dealt with, but there are a few ports that stand out amongst the lot. Here at Barrington Freight, we’ve decided to look into just 5 of the busiest – but not necessarily biggest! – ports in the world.


The Singapore Port is quite simply the busiest, and one of the biggest ports in the world. This is the world’s leading port, and consists of a number of porting terminuses that make up the whole thing, and tranships a fifth of the world’s shipping containers – impressive, right? This particular port is most important for importing natural resources, and then re-exporting them after refinery so it’s no wonder that as much as 30 million Twenty-Feet Equivalent Units (TEU’s) were handled by Singapore back in 2011, with similar amounts, if not more, being handled today.


The port of Shanghai is the biggest port in the world, and took this title from Singapore back in 2010. It’s made up of five working areas, and back in 2012 it was recorded to have handled 32 million TEUs – impressive, right? Even with the knowledge that this port is one of the most important gateways for foreign trade for China, and even provides a lot of economic activity for neighbouring cities, including but not limited to Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Henan. Over 2,000 container ships depart from here each month, so there’s no denying that this really is a vital, and busy port.


The Port of Busan caters to, you guessed it, the city of Busan in South Korea – but the contribution doesn’t stop at just catering to. In fact, this port is one of the leading contributors to economic activity here, which gives it a solid place on our list. Their container handling level can reach as much as 13million TEUs and while it may not be the busiest port currently, it certainly has a standing in possibly expanding in the future. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll give there other popular Asian ports a run for their money?


Tianjin is another one we couldn’t leave off of our list. Situated along the River Haihe, this port is the fifth biggest port in the world, and easily one of the busiest. The connections from this port are incredible, with a whopping 400+ port connections in 200 countries across the world – and this is only expected to keep rising. In short, China is proving to be quite the contender for the busiest ports in the world, but with their trade levels, it’s easy to see why.


The Port of Rotterdam is, surprise surprise, not in Asia like the other contenders on our list, and is instead a port in The Netherlands. This port is the largest in Europe, and is the fourth biggest marine port in the whole world. This harbour not only functions as an important point for bulk shipments and other goods from Europe to other countries in the world, but also plays an important role in the petrochemical industry.

If you want to ship to any of the ports we’ve listed here, or even have an alternate destination in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.