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With winter pretty much in full swing, those of you looking to ship out goods might be starting to worry about the cold, miserable weather that comes with the season, and how it’ll affect your parcels. Let me be the first to reassure you that any reliable courier or freight forwarder will ensure your parcels don’t become subject to weather damage, but we understand that extra peace of mind is a valuable thing. So how can you, as the sender, protect your shipments from winter weather? Read on to find out.

Package Material Quality

There’s no magical secret behind keeping your parcels safe, but choosing high quality packing materials comes pretty close. When you come to pack your goods, it can be tempting to recycle a box you’ve had sitting around for months, but if you truly want to protect your goods, you need to invest in decent materials. Sturdy, thick corrugated cardboard boxes will be perfect against cold, crisp weather, and could potentially even protect them from minor water damage. Similarly, the packing materials you use inside the box will make a world of difference. Waterproof materials like bubble wrap or air pillows can provide extra protection not only as shock absorption, but as a barrier against any water.

Bands And Sealing

If you’re concerned that cold, damp weather could affect the sealing on your cardboard boxes, there are other solutions aside from tape that you can use. While there are high-quality, durable packing tapes on the market, wrapping your boxes with nylon bands can ensure that if the tape does come loose, your box still won’t open. Alternatively, duct tape or other heavy-duty tapes could be used if you truly need the extra peace of mind.


If you have a lot to send, sending it on a pallet could be the solution to all of your winter weather worries. Not only do Pallets provide your goods with elevation away from the ground (and any potentially wet surfaces!), they also give you the option of wrapping everything in plastic – this both keeps it all together, and will prevent any weather damage in a worst-case scenario!

Extra Protection On Edges And Corners

In the case of extremely sensitive shipments, it could be worth reinforcing the corners of your shipment. Whether you do it with extra cardboard around the edges and on the corners, or you attach a wooden frame around it all, these can help prevent any weather damage. That, and a wooden frame will absorb any potential shock that your parcel may be subject too during the shipment process.

Double Box

In the case of fragile items, double-boxing your parcel can keep the goods inside safe from not only the winter weather, but from any knocks or bumps it might undergo too. This packing method is especially useful for electronics and fragile goods. Fill the gap between the boxes with the same waterproof packing materials we mentioned earlier, and your goods will be more than protected!

If you’re looking to ship your goods this winter, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a range of service to choose from, so call or fill in our quote form today.

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