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Sea freight is one of the most long-standing methods of shipping in the world, although it is safe to say that we have all greatly benefited from the technology that has aided in the rapid evolution of the industry in recent decades. Shipping ports are being put under increasing pressure to facilitate the increase in trade, particularly on an international level. The following port locations take into account factors such as production and consumption as well as the amount of container traffic that passes through the sea port at any given time. While the following ports are among the busiest in the world, that doesn’t necessarily imply that they are the biggest.2

Shanghai Port

A list of the busiest ports in the world would not be complete without mentioning Shanghai – perfectly situated on the long stretch of Chinese coastline. The port here is considered to be the single most important gateway for foreign trade in the country and the amount of freight shifted here equates to a massive 25% of all of China’s freight.

Port of Dubai

Dubai is known to be the city of wealth and extravagance and this is also very much reflected in its port. When it comes to hosting a variety of marine services, the Port of Dubai has an impressively comprehensive amount!

Port of Tianjin

Found at the mouth of Haihe River in the north of China, this port connects more than an incredible 200 countries, which gives only a hint as to just how busy and important this port is to the country it serves.

Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and is responsible for processing some of the largest numbers of shipping traffic in the continent. This port covers an impressive 100 square kilometres and can be credited in helping this South Holland neighbourhood flourish economically, so much so that it is in fact considered to be a major port city. Here, goods are moved forward through train, road, river barge or further shipment.

Singapore Port

Singapore has long been leading the way in being the world’s most lively and continuously busy port. It has also played a vital part in changing the economy of the country through increasing trade and encouraging freight forwarding activity. Interestingly, it has been reported that Singapore port transships approximately half of the crude oil supply in the world – impressive!

Ningbo Port

Ningbo Port is situated in a way that best facilitates and balances the amount of freight being brought into China in the North and South of the country. Ningbo port recently caught the attention of the media having successfully merged with the port in Zhoushan.

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