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At Barrington Freight, we consider ourselves to be among the best performing and market leading freight forwarding companies in the business and this is why we feel that we have the necessary background to share some of the most important and distinguishing factors that we think makes for a high performing company in our field. Maintaining an industry leading freight forwarding business is no easy feat, particularly in the current state of the economy in the UK, but we have found that there are certain areas where logistics companies can take note in making sure that they are as successful as possible.

Positioning and market focus

It is no surprise that due to organic growth potential, the best performers in the freight forwarding field are those that have access to markets in parts of the world such as Indi, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and China. These also typically trade in the following most profitable trade routes: Europe to Asia and North America to Asia etc. As well as this, maintaining a dominant position when it comes to air and road freight means that freight forwarding and logistics companies are better equipped to see a growth in volume and steady revenues.


Something that will always keep you on top of your game when it comes to freight forwarding is speeds and being able to be flexible enough o respond to situations that best benefit customers and their need for convenience. New ocean links to Africa also allows for there to be improved performance and the ability for there to be new service links to be created.


One way in which you can always tell a market leader is their ability to develop and continue to expand their understanding of the industry in which they serve and this can sometimes means being able to go beyond traditional solutions. Collaboration is also key in their success.

The use of IT and technology

It’s no surprise that in order to push ahead and become an industry leader when it comes to freight forwarding, logistics companies have had to incorporate IT and technology into their day to day operations. In some cases this has also included going one step further through the integration of customer facing tech to allow their customers to have greater visibility across the entire length of the supply chain. The supply chain is a major priority for customers which is why sharing real time information is so important for customers, supplier and key partners.


Something that can be used to measure the success of a logistics organisation is their performance anatomy. This goes beyond providing operation excellence but also when it comes to transportation capacity and innovation when it comes to things such as shared services.

The very highest performers when it comes to freight forwarding are those who are able to not only be as flexible as possible in their approach to getting things done but also revolve what they do around the needs of their customers at all times.